Frosty Party

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28 Jan 2017 at 04:38

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Hanif Nugroho (More uploads by Hanif Nugroho)
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MH05_FRT.j2l Frosty Party 15.08 kB 28 Jan 2017


The super chilly battle could make roast rabbit better. There are a lot of generator enemies. Be (extra) careful!


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Review by Bloody_Body

28 Mar 2017, 16:05 (edited 28 Mar 17, 21:17)
Bee Boy Swarm (36 Points)
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Almost a year passed since I’ve written my last review. That’s not good.

Before I begin, I wonder what for do you set passwords to your levels? Almost everyone out there easily hacks all these passwords with “You shall pass” or other password-removal programms.

I liked the concept of hidden pickups that freeze you. Although at a first time I didn’t realise that it’s possible to unfreeze yourself by pressing fire (idk, wether players can freeze each other in a multiplayer since I’m kinda a sociophobic nerd who doesn’t play in co-op mode), so I was slightly confused till those respawning pickups keeped me motionless. Some walls freeze you, some don’t, some of freezing-walls are covered with ice blocks and some aren’t so you can’t predict whether the wall in front of you contains freezers. By the way this concept could be realised in a more elegant manner with Angel Script- just imagine walls, trees, or some enemies shooting freezers at you.
I appreciate the fact that the player has to collect some toaster ammo to remove frozen blocks in order to continue the level. But opposite to the enemies ammo isn’t respawning, so there is a chance to run out of toasters before you melt the blocks.
To reach some goodies you have to jump by stomping some flying enemy. That’s fine.

What Primpy says. There are more Cons than Pros. He’d listed some of the cons- narrow corridors, the lack of checkpoints, the level is too challenging and not relaxing at all. Looks like only Spaz can pass the level. Playing as Jazz I also couldn’t jump from a rope high enough to reach next platform. More than that, in the lower edge of the level there are pits you can’t get out of without typing “jjnowall”. And again, Angel Script can help you- it’s rather easy to write a code that kills the player when he falls below the certain horizontal line. But that’s not all downsides. An enemy just killed by you can respawn at your current position in a few seconds. There isn’t any obvious path in this level- several times I realized that I returned to the position I’ve started from. That’s why I don’t want to replay this level anymore (even with cheats)- it’s toooooo tiring to rush back and forth all the time. Fire hits you even if it is obviously situated at another layer, wich is pretty unrealistic. Bees in winter? Also unrealistic, but why not. I’m not quibbling, but as for me the level should have some kind of an atmosphere but this atmosphere can be easily ruined by the smallest things. It’s just my opinion, so I won’t deprive points for that. There are some mask issues, but they aren’t fatal. Wind makes the boss fight much harder, but it also presses you to the right wall and when Bolly adjusts his eyes to your current y-position you can easily shoot him within two or three times being stucked.

Seems like you’re trying to create levels offering a way more challenging gameplay than original levels do. You’ve though up some interesting features like those freezers, but the realisation isn’t so nice. Player should enjoy the gameplay, not suffer of it! Probably the features provided with JCS are insufficient to you. I strongly advice you to update your JCS.ini in order to expand your posibilities as a JCSer. You can also download some levels modified by Angel Script. You will realise that all your intentions to innovate the gameplay can be fully implemented with the help of scripted modifications.
Click the link below. There is a thread explainging how to modify JCS.ini and install JJ2+ (version of the game that supports Angel Script).

Bum Bee
- I really hate these creatures :)

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Review by Hanif Nugroho

15 Apr 2017, 02:41
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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First, I say thank you very much for the reviews. But I have to tell you about this level that:
1. Frosty Party is possible for all characters. In the point where you have to stay on a rope and do a big jump, this is possible for Jazz and Lori too. You have to jump then stomp bee in order to reach to the next area. This bee is generator event, so your chance to do this is infinity.
2. You aren’t required to get 50 silver coins to pass this level. There is another warp on the bonus warp. So if your silver coins are not enough, you can still continue to the next area. And, if you use Jazz or Lori, they are possible to get all coins, then you can enter to bonus warp.
3. I’m a beginner to making JJ2 level, and I haven’t been able to use Angel Script.
4. Also, I’m a beginner to use English. Sorry.

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