Molten Core

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1 Mar 2017 at 00:36 (Minor update on 14 Apr 2017)

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SmokeNC (More uploads by SmokeNC)
Capture the flag
Me, XxMoNsTeR for scripting, and all testers :P
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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xlmmolten.j2l Molten Core 9.00 kB 14 Apr 2017
lev145.j2t lev145 140.62 kB 03 Apr 2017
Lavazonezx1.ogg 1641.44 kB 13 Apr 2017
xlmmolten.j2as 22.13 kB 13 Apr 2017


CTF level, suitable for 1v1 duels, 2v2, and 3v3
Tileset Converted by me from Captain Claw level 14
Music taken from Mega Man ZX (Area-K)

The level has 1 carrot which is located at the center of the level, a fire shield at the bottom and a custom moving fire shield, also located at the bottom. 2 warps and 2 PUs at the upper sides of the level. And 2 phoenix ammo in the upper area, which is limited to 1 bullet max.

The custom fire shield grants you 3 fireballs which revolve around you in a fixed speed, dealing damage to enemies who collide with it, in addition, once you take damage, the fire bullets cause an explosion, which also deal damage if an enemy touches them.

The Phoenix gun launches a phoenix which spreads fire bullets below it and above it, limited to 1 bullet max.

Always wanted to make a JJ2 level about my favorite childhood game- Captain Claw, the level is originally called “The Temple”, which is the final level of the game where you fight Omar and get the Last Gem.
The original level:

Note:It is recommended that the client(Player1) does not participate in a match because the moving fire shield does not work for the host,instead, join as another player.

HUGE thanks for XxMoNsTeR for making most of the level script, including revolving flaming gun8, and about 90% of the moving fire shield. Fireballs coming out of the lava and the Phoenix gun scripted by me.

EDIT: Huge update, tileset/background changes, fixed ladder masking, added lava eyecandy, the fire orb pickup is now a flaming fire shield, and instead of having 3 orbs that surround you, you have 3 flames that surround you and now they move at a static speed, unlike in the past, where they used to scale with your speed.
EDIT2:Added the Pheonix Gun ! , plus some extra eyecandy
EDIT3:changed music, improved custom fire shield (bullets now properly rotate according to their direction)


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.6

RecommendedJelly Jam rated 8.4

The wide open paths make it suitable for events, and the custom weapons, especialy that bird gun, make this a whole lot of fun when a lot of people are playing.

RecommendedEchoNox rated 8.7

This is Good!

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