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21 Mar 2017 at 13:11 (Minor update on 29 Mar 2019)

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FireSworD (More uploads by FireSworD)
Level: Me and a few minor adjustments etc by PurpleJazz. Tileset: Most of the graphics were originally made by Epic, and the revision of them to make "Scorpio Key" is by Violet. Music: "Junglelism" by Prodigy. Script: Me, Sir E and PurpleJazz. Thanks to all of the other testers and supporters, especially Smoke, PurpleJazz and Sir E.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
Outgrown.zip (506.97 kB)

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og.j2l Outgrown 36.64 kB 29 Mar 2019
Lomat.j2t Scorpio Key 269.49 kB 21 Feb 2017
junglelism.mod junglelism 292.97 kB 27 Feb 2017
og.j2as 7.42 kB 21 Dec 2017


The theme of Outgrown is a very lush environment that’s on Carrottus.

Outgrown’s ideal player amount is like 10-28 players, but other player amounts should work.

I was inspired by Overgrown. Without it, Outgrown probably wouldn’t ever exist.

Don’t eat weird fruit.

Fun Facts: A lot of the plants in Outgrown are fictional, some of those are parasitic. Weapon 7’s name is “Spike Bomb”.

EDIT: Fixed tile-bugs, a potential access-ability issue near the shield area, and made the eye-candy slightly less distracting etc. I promise this is the last update for Outgrown.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.3

RecommendedBlackraptor rated 8.6

Fun large and aesthetically pleasing map. My biggest complaint is that due to its size and similar looking decor throughout the map, I find it nearly impossible to memorize where all the carrots and powerups are placed despite repeated play. The chestnut ammo or whatever it is could also play a bigger role. Still great even though I’m hopeless here

RecommendedTanKanT rated 10

nice level

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.85

RecommendedReview by ThunderWalker

21 Mar 2017, 16:06
Bee Boy Swarm (38 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings38 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

Let’s face it, how often do we all still play the game? Most of us outgrew it to an extent. Doesn’t mean I will stop JCS’ing, but it means my levels will be a rarity.

Anyway, it’s a very nice level. I liked playing it during the JDC event. Loved the mines, even if they are a bit impractical.

Gameplay-wise, the biggest flaw is probably that some of the carrots can be camped, at least in standard battle. In Team Battle, especially between clans, in theory these campers should be flushed out easily.

The eyecandy is lovely. However, it is a bit confusing for the first few moments that the spikes and thorns don’t hurt at all.

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RecommendedReview by SmokeNC

27 Mar 2017, 22:23
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness88%

Fantastic battle level by FS, flow is great and eyecandy is superb.

One of the most coolest things about this level is obviously the thorn weapon which fits the theme pretty well, and its interaction with the copter is pretty cool too :)

Layout overall is unique. In addition, Twin Stalactites feels like a mini version of this.

Carrot placement is decent and I didn’t find them campy at all.

Personally I’d place the fastfire right next to blaster PU, but its not really that important

In short, fun and unique level, download recommended.

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