Borgia's Improved Haunted Test

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14 Aug 2017 at 11:35 (Minor update on 20 Aug 2017)

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Borgia (More uploads by Borgia)
FireSworD's AM for the background effect, Adrian von Ziegler for the music, all the people whose tests I eh..."borrowed" from :P.

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ITP01BorgiaHauntTest2.j2l Borgia's Improved Haunted Test 24.65 kB 14 Aug 2017
HauntedH1.j2t Haunted House 353.15 kB 14 Aug 2017
ITP01BorgiaHauntTest2.j2as 1.19 kB 14 Aug 2017
dark_music_kingdom.ogg 1469.32 kB 14 Aug 2017



My latest creation dates back to February 2016. I uploaded the Blizzard Test, my favorite one so far, and since then I haven’t been doing much JCS work. Until now.

Three years ago I created my first test, “Borgia’s Haunted Test”. At the time I thought it looked good. Oh…I was so naive! As the years passed I began to notice just how many tilebugs and ugly parts there are. I realized it was no proper use of the tileset! And this goes for almost every other test I made, the ones that now exist in a single pack. The Acrid and Desolate ones, for example, are an eyesore if not worse. Hence why I decided to start working on an “Improved” series. The Improved Haunted Test is the first result of that. I did not use the foundations of my original Haunted Test, I decided to just start from scratch. The layout is similar: start outside, enter the house, etc. I don’t think this level is tilebug free. There’s definately things that are wrong, but not as abundantly as in the first test.

The file name is “ITP01BorgiaHauntTest2”, because eventually the levels will be bundled in a pack, the Improved Test Pack to be precise, just like the ones in the Original Test Pack. Once that’s finished I can move on to other ventures. This may take years, may never be finished at all, so don’t get all too hyped up lol :P.


Play the test in SP or COOP. One of the screenshots will tell you why.

This test requires TSF, as shown by the icon in the Downloads-list and by the first screenshot.


The skilled ones among you will find this test (very) easy. That’s okay. I think the creator’s test skills are revealed in their level design or the sort of levels they choose to copy. I can get around a lot of tests, but certainly not all of them. Truly challenging ones like xlmxlmtest and such are way beyond my paygrade. I could add levels from them, but then I would be unable to pass my own test lol. I create something I can pass, and if that means “easy”, “generic” levels, well…the scenery/eyecandy is more important anyway.

I recycled levels from my own projects, notably Blizzard and Crispy, as well as levels from other tests. Whenever I see something nice I take a screenshot. Saves me the trouble of having to invent something myself :P. We all know what happens when I invent too much. Egy happens. Desolate happens. Never again. Though level 10 in this test, which is a mirrored copy, is a bitch level. Seriously. Takes me a while to get through. Ye be warned. If you see pulsing light effects, it means there’s a block you can stand on. Good to know, because layer 3 decoration (notably the pillars) can sometimes obscure parts of a level.

Don’t forget to visit all the tombstones!


Borgia has seen the light. For the first time, there is a .j2as file. It only affects the rain (which falls both outside and inside…not sure if that’s supposed to happen but I kinda like the effect). I wanted to include the moving-warp code too but I failed to get it to work together with the rain-code. Something broke and I did not know how to fix it. So, only rain. No moving warps. That will come next time, promised.


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RecommendedReview by Jelly Jam

19 Aug 2017, 18:02
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness37%

Alrighty! I passed the test, so now it’s reviewing time!

First of all, I love the ambient. The level of detail and the spooky music really make you feel like you’re all alone in a haunted house. And all the stuff written on those graves was seriously creepy (except ‘those’ two :D).

The eyecandy is good and not distracting, the walls and pillars in the foreground did not present much of a problem, at some places they even made the platforming more enjoyable and challenging! Well done with using those lights at places where pillars completely block the platforms out of sight.

The levels are not too hard, even noticed some levels from your previous test. They are fun, the frog level got my attention especially. It’s not too long either, in fact, the moment I felt like doing something else, I got to the win area!

As for the win area I kind of like it more when it’s open and not just put the player in a box full of goodies (yeah i did the same thing once :/). IMO this is the only thing you should change in your future tests.

You could’ve used a script to morph the player, by the way. That way it could’ve been playable in CTF. Ask someone to do it for you and this test is ready for Puke!

So overall yeah I really enjoyed this test! Download recommended!

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Review by PurpleJazz

20 Aug 2017, 09:28
Spaz Slackrabbit (106 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings55 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness74%

Might be worth noting that you need to use TSF to play this test because of the levels that require Lori to pass.

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