Yellow Diamond and Inside Level

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16 Aug 2017 at 16:55

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bpulido (More uploads by bpulido)
Single player
Benjamin Pulido
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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lvlben4.j2l Yellow Diamond 5.56 kB 08 Mar 2017
lvlben5.j2l Inside 3.38 kB 08 Mar 2017
DiambLava.j2t Diamondus ß Lava 247.28 kB 16 Nov 2004
mlorganic.j2t Organic 28.16 kB 07 Jun 2015 Castle City 771.32 kB 30 Jul 2005


Two new levels for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 plus created by Benjamin Pulido. Extract to the Jazz2 folder and select yellow diamond level (lvlben4) from the home cooked levels episode!


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RecommendedReview by Slaz

17 Aug 2017, 12:37
Turtle Goon (73 Points)
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It’s always nice to see new singleplayer released, and this time by a new author! First things first, I appreciate the choice of community tilesets for a first release, especially with MLOrganic which I don’t think had been used after the initial example level was made.

This pack contains 2 levels, and starts with ‘Yellow Diamond’, using the Lava version of the Diamondus Beta set. Once started, it becomes quickly apparent that these levels don’t make very good use of vertical space, although there are many slopes and vines to jump on. It feels a bit like the original Jazz2 SP levels mixed with horizontal Mario stages.

There are many crate ‘puzzles’ along the way, most of which are quick and easy path-clearing. Yet some crates don’t really make clear what they do and why they’re even there. There’s also many random warps, and some have their Warp Target very close to enemies causing unavoidable hits. Also, the coin warps don’t have their usual Coin Bunny present to tell you it’s a paid warp. A lot of walls are tilebugged with improper edges and eyecandy is quite scarce.

As far as pickups and enemies go, it’s a little all over the place but not too bad. Enemies are a random mix of walking and flying enemies, and as usual the Diamondus level is full of bees. There was enough food to gain 2 Sugar Rushes and gems are plenty with maybe too many Blue Gems.

While the levels are pretty easy, the only real chalenging part was the ‘wind tunnel’ with collapsing ground and many bees.

I recommend this download if you want to have a quick blast at single player again while seeing some rather unusual tilesets. Otherwise, you may better look for other SP levels out there.

And good luck with further JCSing, bpulido!

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