Devan's Revenge (Intro)

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24 Jan 2018 at 02:57 (Minor update on 24 Jan 2018)

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saldr.j2l Devan's Revenge 7.79 kB 20 Sep 2015
saldr2.j2l Devan's Revenge 1.54 kB 27 Oct 2015
saldr3.j2l Devan's Revenge 2.87 kB 27 Oct 2015
saldr5.j2l Devan's Revenge 1.55 kB 27 Oct 2015
saldr6.j2l Devan's Revenge 4.23 kB 06 Apr 2015
saldr7.j2l Devan's Revenge 6.21 kB 20 Sep 2015
AftermathT.j2t LMAT: Aftermath Toxic 158.81 kB 21 Apr 2013
Carrot1.j2t Carrottus 1 193.78 kB 02 Oct 2002
xlmdamn3.j2t Damn + Hot 225.31 kB 26 Dec 2006 VTIME??18:4 1865.12 kB 20 Apr 2013
storm.xm storm 40.63 kB 16 Oct 2007
scary1.mp3 Real Heart Beat Sound 90.77 kB 02 Mar 2014
saldr.j2as 10.30 kB 20 Sep 2015
saldr2.j2as 4.64 kB 27 Oct 2015
saldr3.j2as 7.11 kB 27 Oct 2015
saldr5.j2as 9.74 kB 27 Oct 2015
saldr6.j2as 14.65 kB 22 Jan 2018
saldr7.j2as 0.92 kB 20 Sep 2015
saldr-common.asc 30.59 kB 06 Apr 2015
saldr-devan.asc 16.35 kB 22 Jan 2018
SaLLiB-v2.0.asc 103.40 kB 06 Apr 2015
SEmath.asc 1.54 kB 11 Nov 2013
SEpalwiz-1.1.asc 8.47 kB 08 Apr 2015


This is a project I was working on some time ago. Some day I may do some more work on it, but since it’s been a while since my last update I thought I’d share it now, in case it does not get completed.

In this level pack you play as Devan Shell in his quest to take over the world, or whatever it is evil demonic turtles do. This contains the introductory levels/opening cutscenes, with a taste of the gameplay in the final level in the pack.

Best played in 640×480 with music on and F9 menus off.

Special thanks to blacky for doing some of the eye candy.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.6

RecommendedSpaz Nitro rated 9.2

Awesome story,awesome gameplay loved it but we want it completed tho ;)

RecommendedSpaz Electro rated 10.0

Awesome level, awesome story, awesome gameplay, hope this gets completed, i’ve messed around with it a lot, gj on the level

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RecommendedReview by Jelly Jam

24 Jan 2018, 13:48 (edited 24 Jan 18, 13:48)
Frog (15 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings15 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness47%

This intro really is pretty damn impressive. There’s only one bug in saldr5 where you can move (as your default character), but it doesn’t actually change anything.

I like how you presented the whole war thing between Devan’s minions and the rabbits, the atmosphere in general is simply brilliant.

I like the playable (tutorial?) level as well. Makes me wonder how levels with this gameplay style may look like.

I hope you finish this.

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RecommendedReview by Slaz

24 Jan 2018, 14:00 (edited 24 Jan 18, 14:01)
Spaz Slackrabbit (120 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings54 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness90%

The AngelScript usage in the cinematic intro here is pretty impressive. The threatening red text, the sprite manipulations, the ‘acting’ rabbits. All convincingly good stuff.

Although there isn’t a lot of finished gameplay in here (yet), being able to play as Devan briefly while you storm the castle felt powerful for the most part. Maybe his gun and fireball attack (while transformed) felt a little slow and I’m not sure if Spaz’s double jump fits him.

For an actual review this would need more gameplay, but for now my (imaginative) hat’s off to the effortful visuals that went into this. I recommend this to everyone even though seeing it obviously makes you prolong for more!

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