The Redacted Missions

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24 Feb 2018 at 00:59

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happygreenfrog (More uploads by happygreenfrog)
Single player
Damn + by PurpleJazz. Scripting assistance from Violet CLM, Sir Ementaler, and szmol96. musix-rm.mod by m0d on ModArchive, though it's public domain.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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hgfRMboss1.j2l Under the S.S. Fancy 2.32 kB 18 Feb 2018
hgfRMboss2.j2l Small Circuit Skirmish 2.04 kB 23 Feb 2018
hgfRMfinalboss.j2l A Duel of Green Beasts 1.34 kB 12 Feb 2018
hgfRMheckspinball-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 2.99 kB 23 Feb 2018
hgfRMheckspinball.j2l Heck's Pinball 8.69 kB 23 Feb 2018
hgfRMmegatube-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 2.28 kB 12 Feb 2018
hgfRMmegatube.j2l Titanic Tube Tussle 6.73 kB 12 Feb 2018
hgfRMnewfirst.j2l Welcome aboard the S.S. Fancy! 4.33 kB 18 Feb 2018
xlmdamn8.j2t Damn + Forest 225.33 kB 07 Feb 2018
hgfRMboss1.j2as 0.14 kB 18 Feb 2018
hgfRMboss2.j2as 0.60 kB 23 Feb 2018
hgfRMfinalboss.j2as 39.17 kB 13 Feb 2018
hgfRMheckspinball.j2as 1.11 kB 23 Feb 2018
hgfRMmegatube.j2as 0.32 kB 12 Feb 2018
hgfRMnewfirst.j2as 0.22 kB 18 Feb 2018
musix-rm.mod rm 2 341.86 kB 06 Feb 2018 Frolick Lane 1213.39 kB 29 Nov 2017 Jazz Belmont 712.19 kB 29 Nov 2017 208.36 kB 07 Feb 2018
MLLE-Include-1.4.asc 9.55 kB 13 Feb 2018
hgfredactedmissions.j2e The Redacted Missions 35.46 kB 01 Feb 2018


So, this episode actually has a bit of an odd history to it… I started work on it as a joke episode with bad levels, but as I was working on it, I realized a few ideas in it weren’t COMPLETELY terrible and started trying to salvage things a bit.

That didn’t end up working out (like, AT ALL), so I remade the whole episode from scratch, shortened it from 9 levels (like The Secret Files) to 6 levels (like most official episodes), made a custom final boss, and then after some feedback from various testers and more and more tweaks, well, the episode is where it is now. It’s far from perfect, but given how new I am at making Jazz Jackrabbit levels, and given the odd way the episode came to be to begin with, I’d say I made a decent effort at least. I’ll let you all be the judge of how it actually turned out. For all I know, it could be terrible, but hey, at least I’m trying. That being said, I do not ask that you show me mercy with your reviews just because I’m new. I’ll likely learn more from this custom episode that way.

Anywho, the rather simple backstory (which I may or may not elaborate on in some way in the future) is that Jazz, Spaz, and Lori all receive an odd letter telling them that somebody who wishes to remain anonymous has invited them to a cruise on the S.S. Fancy, supposedly a fancy cruise ship (which, for the record, they had never heard of before) with all the fanciest-dressed people from all across the galaxy.

Though they were suspicious about the letter (especially the part where all three of them received one simultaneously, not helped by the fact that they don’t exactly dress in a particularly fancy way normally), they agreed that, while it was entirely possible it was a trap set up by Devan, if it was, it probably meant that it was also a free ticket to stop Devan from whatever plans he may have had, and so they agreed to head to the S.S. Fancy anyways.

When Jazz, Spaz, and Lori arrive, however, they realize that, while the S.S. Fancy was, in fact, real, it was actually a pirate ship owned by Devan Shell, not a fancy cruise ship. (Devan made it look like a fancy cruise ship using some kind of illusion-making machine or something. I’m not even going to pretend this is a well thought-out story with a deep plot or anything.) Not surprised in the least, the group sets out to step yet another one of Devan’s plans, which surely involves some kind of evil Plot Device or MacGuffin or whatever that he stole or bought or some such thing.

Surely they’ll be able to stop him before he builds whatever powerful supermachine is part of his plan, right? I mean, surely his plan involves a powerful supermachine, seeing as how his last plan involved that time machine…

My (admittedly somewhat nonsensical and/or weird) plot for the episode out of the way, I hope you enjoy the episode!


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RecommendedReview by Slaz

28 Feb 2018, 00:15 (edited 28 Feb 18, 00:19)
Turtle Goon (79 Points)
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This episode had it’s ups & downs.

The first 2 levels felt somewhat mediocre and typical to earlier JCS attempts. There’s little use of vertical space, although I can forgive that for the level being a ship’s deck. Enemies are placed in bunches which (especially on Hard mode) rather slow you down a lot instead of actually making it harder. Some of the 3D Spike Boll patterns felt a bit out of place especially in the 2nd (underwater) level. The ‘pizza ghosts’ part was kind of fun to play, running into and bustin’ all those ghosts made me feel good, lol. The boss wasn’t very challenging but the combination of the Queen’s scream and falling block to make another boss differ felt original.

The first tube level was pretty good. The crate stomping and backtracking felt clever enough at times, and in some parts the respawning Sparks kept me thinking about facing the right way, while switching to the appropriate guns this episode gave me (mostly Bouncer, Toaster, and Seeker were useful). The Robot boss combo was okay but I was lazy and just spammed Bouncers instead of dodging the Tuff’s chains.

The Pinball Hell thingy started off pretty decent with some fun jumps to make with flippers and bumpers. But again the pathways were a little square & flat if you know what I mean, with little incentive to hop around and explore. And while I always love some pinball in any level, the amount of (Hard mode) enemies really, really slowed down the gameplay in this one. The (horizontal) Bumper patterns near the end felt a bit out of place.

The highlight of this pack sure is the scripted final boss. I liked how it’s segmented into different small phases each with a new attack pattern. It’s by far not the hardest scripted boss to date, but all of it’s attack patterns are perfectly fair and dodgeable, and it’s generous with carrots, giving you one for each phase defeated.

So there we have it. It feels like some good & bad gameplay got mixed together here, whether that was intended or not for the final release. Overall I had a decent amount of fun, but can only recommend Normal or Easy mode even for experienced players. I liked some of the pack’s ideas, and the scripted final boss saved it for Download recommendation.

GN and good luck! (this review was written by sleepy me)

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