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2 Apr 2018 at 23:57 (Minor update on 3 Apr 2018)

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Jelly Jam (More uploads by Jelly Jam)
Tileset by Sir Ementaler, music by Mick Rippon, limited oxygen script by PurpleJazz and special thanks to Smoke and others for suggestions and feedback!
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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Jellybattle4.j2l Thermae 12.78 kB 03 Apr 2018
AlienPalace.j2t Alien Palace 100.39 kB 26 Feb 2018
aquacastle.xm Aquatic Castle 472.71 kB 06 Mar 2018
Jellybattle4.j2as 0.86 kB 03 Apr 2018
limitedoxygen.asc 2.73 kB 05 Mar 2018
MLLE-Include-1.4.asc 9.55 kB 02 Apr 2018
Jellybattle4-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 8.34 kB 03 Apr 2018


This is a casual event sized battle level. It uses Angelscript for a few cosmetic changes and the limited oxygen when the player is underwater.

I thought this would take forever to make, but apparently not. I still feel like there’s something missing, so don’t be surprised if I edit this a lot.

I’m generally happy with the way this turned out, as it took me half the time it took to make my previous (big) battle level, Ruins of the Futuristic temple. After that level, I wanted to make something that’s a bit more open, and I hope I did a fine job.

There are probably still a few bugs here and there, so if you notice them, please say so.

And I proudly dedicate this level to the 20th birthday of my favorite game ever, Jazz Jackrabbit 2!


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.2

RecommendedSeren rated 8.2

This is an enjoyable level that’s somewhere between old-school and modern battle design. Despite having a lot of small platforms, it forms a very coherent layout. At this size I’d like to see some PU types repeated though, or faster spawn times. The tileset is used creatively and supports a strong theme, but not without tons of tile bugs.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.7

RecommendedReview by SmokeNC

12 Apr 2019, 14:15
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness88%

My most favorite level from Jelly Jam so far, the tileset is used creatively to create this ancient roman theme, the lake, the pillars, etc, with nice visuals overall. The level involves a nice mix of water and land, it has two power-ups under water which makes swimming in there fun and worthy. Plus you cannot stay underwater for too long since you have limited oxygen. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the pinball bumpers but I got used to them after a while, I guess.
Overall the level plays and flows well. Download recommended.

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