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3 Apr 2019 at 01:54 (Minor update on 14 Nov 2019)

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Re-upload/Edit Level
Jelly Jam (More uploads by Jelly Jam)
Capture the flag
Tileset conversion by cooba and P4ul, music by Timelord, scripts by PurpleJazz, and a big thank you to everyone who tested and provided helpful feedback!
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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xlmscar.j2l Scarwood 10.21 kB 03 Nov 2019
ICMediv2o1.j2t IC - Mediv2o1 184.17 kB 23 Sep 2013
xlmscar.j2as 2.14 kB 14 Nov 2019
inferno.mod Inferno 426.32 kB 20 Mar 2018
BubbleGun.asc 1.84 kB 24 Aug 2019
MLLE-Include-1.5w.asc 13.16 kB 03 Nov 2019
MLLE-Weapons.asc 47.21 kB 07 Oct 2019
SEweapon.asc 14.07 kB 07 Oct 2019
BubbleGun-mlle.j2a 3.32 kB 24 Aug 2019


Here we have it, “Scarwood”. The fourth level in the JellyCTF series and my debut release as a member of Xtreme Level Makers.

Designed for 2vs2 and 3vs3 matches. Not recommended for duels.

Hope you have fun! Oh, and feel free to drop a review! ;)

Update 11/1/2019 – Replaced TornadoGun with BubbleGun and removed the window platforms at the bottom right. Also edited the palette and made some other minor fixes.

© April – November, 2019.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

RecommendedLoon rated 8.4

An experimental layout is the basis for this map. Which is well done since it feels balanced. The eyecandy is also nice and not distracting. Though it feels that that Tornado gun offsets the bouncers.
Definitely the best work from Jelly so far in terms of gameplay.
Download recommended!

RecommendedLaro B. rated 8.7

Played a duel with Jelly here. It suits duels far more then you think. Great eyecandy, music fits, nothing to report there. Tornado gun also works well, not too op in this map. The gameplay is quite fast paced. Download recommended!

RecommendedRagnarok! rated 8.5

really cool layout in some aspects, and fits in line with the needs of modern level design and what is good for 3v3 maps etc.

HOWEVER, I am irked by the imbalance of the tornado gun! Somehow it makes the lower base feel like a much more powerful position than the higher base. Sadly, that happens without a tornado gun too for higher bases

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