Faded story -part 1

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29 Sep 2019 at 13:33 (Minor update on 6 May 2020)

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BLGfsa0.j2l something 0.88 kB 22 Sep 2019
BLGfsa1.j2l Introduction 6.68 kB 23 Sep 2019
BLGfsa10.j2l Weird steel things 5.63 kB 25 Sep 2019
BLGfsa11.j2l You? 3.63 kB 23 Sep 2019
BLGfsa12.j2l Give up ? 4.79 kB 23 Sep 2019
BLGfsa13.j2l Congratulation 1.13 kB 23 Sep 2019
BLGfsa2.j2l South city 10.68 kB 22 Sep 2019
BLGfsa3.j2l Library 8.13 kB 22 Sep 2019
BLGfsa4.j2l The wAY 6.28 kB 23 Sep 2019
BLGfsa5.j2l Waterfalls 15.32 kB 23 Sep 2019
BLGfsa6.j2l Snez?!! 13.62 kB 23 Sep 2019
BLGfsa7.j2l Enter to ravine 2.16 kB 23 Sep 2019
BLGfsa8.j2l Nightmare 8.26 kB 22 Sep 2019
BLGfsa9.j2l ......... 2.14 kB 22 Sep 2019
dev.j2t dev 50.87 kB 12 Feb 2019
dev3.j2t dev3 42.53 kB 22 Sep 2019
dev4.j2t dev4 48.41 kB 22 Sep 2019
dev5.j2t dev5 13.19 kB 22 Sep 2019
dev6.j2t dev6 184.41 kB 22 Sep 2019
DiambXmas.j2t Diamondus ? Xmas 246.98 kB 25 Dec 2018
DiamGardenFix.j2t Diamondus Garden 283.75 kB 07 Dec 2017
dragon eyrie.j2t Dragon Eyrie 330.54 kB 09 Aug 2018
f1x.j2t f1x 125.52 kB 27 Aug 2019
fs0.j2t fs0 10.69 kB 12 Aug 2019
fs211.j2t fs211 127.03 kB 27 Aug 2019
space.j2t Space 99.88 kB 30 Jun 2018
way.j2t way 92.60 kB 22 Sep 2019
WaterflameFinalBattle.ogg 5957.73 kB 07 Apr 2019


This is my first jj2 episode .
The storyline takes place a few years after Devan was defeated.
What more to say..
I hope you will enjoy my levels :3


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.5

RecommendedYousuf010 rated N/A

Great Job Lynx at made Level Good Job Really Great Level :D :D :D

RecommendedStijn rated 7.5

This is great and I love that it exists. There are flaws, to be sure, and Violet’s review does a good job of pointing them out. But there is a lot in here that is really creative, there is a solid story (by JJ2 standards), the levels are atmospheric, and overall it is challenging (for me) but fun to play. I’m really looking forward to episode 2.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.7

Review by Violet CLM

10 Jan 2020, 20:29
I might as well work here (539 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

There’s a lot to like here, but not a lot to love. It’s also hard to escape the fact that Faded Story Part 1 has essentially two halves, so let’s talk about that.

The first half (and also a little bit at the end) is all scene-setting and story. At one point you’re free to walk around a village for a while, entering buildings and talking to other rabbits, but there’s no gameplay to speak of and you get the sense it only uses standard JJ2 physics for the sake of convenience. At one point you seem to have the chance to buy some powerups or food, but as far as I can tell there’s no way to actually get money; it’s just the appearance of a shop because villages have shops.

More memorably there are a lot of cutscenes. The episode opens by gradually zooming in on a closed book, then the book opens up and you get to turn the pages by pressing right. The art isn’t amazing but it’s neat that there’s art at all—even the more technically sophisticated cutscenes from devres only ever bothered with (lots and lots of) text. Design schematics for the robot boss are the highlight here. Some non-scripted JJ2+ features also make appearances: big flickering lights and fast warps for the doorways and dialogue sequences. Oddly some conversations use standard text events instead of the custom dialogue system… perfectly serviceable but less consistent.

The other half of the episode are the three or so levels of JJ2 gameplay, specifically the kind of JJ2 gameplay that thinks trigger crates (and occasionally trigger zones) are the best thing ever. There are also still some nods to storytelling in the more gameplay-oriented portion of the pack, with transitional areas between tilesets, but at this point it’s mostly about finding ways to head to the right side of the level by hitting this or that trigger crate and then figuring out what path it opened up.

Trigger crates do make up a lot of the level design, but not in a terrible way, and really the level design in general is pretty good, even if I did seem to find a couple sequence breaking moments. It’s much more in the style of custom JJ2 levels than official JJ2 levels but still acquits itself well, even if it does lean maybe a little too heavily toward enemies that are very hard to see. Not a lot of walking enemies to be found here. There’s pickup variety, some swinging platforms, some good spike placement. Areas with different graphics use somewhat different styles of layout, contributing to the feeling of these levels taking place in real locations, which is always useful for a story-based episode. I don’t remember playing any good float-sucker-buttstomping sequences recently, and this episode delivers a couple of them.

What I don’t quite get is why the two halves—the story and the gameplay—are mostly so separate. Multiple j2l files are devoted at the start to introducing the player to the systems for entering buildings, having conversations, and so on, but the plot is actually quite minimal and all those things disappear completely the moment you start shooting enemies. Why aren’t there NPCs to talk to in the gameplay levels too? What was the point of making something so innovative (if still a bit unpolished) at the start if it doesn’t end up being important?

I’m glad to see this is only a first episode. It’s generally perfectly enjoyable to play, even if its level design does mostly fall into familiar patterns from other custom JJ2 maps, but there’s room for it to grow as well, as it becomes more comfortable with its innovations, more willing to play around with them, and more invested in art quality. There’s still room for Faded Story to become the next Demon Invasion.

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RecommendedReview by Laro B.

21 Oct 2019, 12:17
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings9 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness61%

Always nice to see new Singleplayer content on J2O. It’s a pretty solid pack, and I think it deserves a full review so here it goes:

Faded Story takes place after the events of JJ2,the story is nice and innovative. Although in the first level when the book is approaching, I would have set the Warps on Fast aswell as the cycles between story related levels.

The gameplay in the levels is somewhat oldschool but fun, the enemies are placed well and the use of the hurt events make them quite challanging(played on Hard) so I like what you did there. However some enemies are placed in a way that you would most likely get hurt. But that isn’t much of an issue since it’s very minor. The bossfights are rather easy, though. But that’s just my point of view I guess.

The eyecandy used in the levels in this pack is nice, but not perfect. At certain points some of the levels the eyecandy just looks the same(Waterfalls) or is all over the place with random placed tiles(Weird steel things). In general, the eyecandy and visuals of the levels in the pack is solid, but deserves some room for improvement. The music choices are fine and fit the levels quite well. My favourite levels are SnezĂ­ and Nightmare. Speaking of SnezĂ­, there seems to be something wrong with the music, because I can’t hear the track. But it might just be me.

Would I recommended this? Sure! The story is nicely written, the levels are well made in terms of gameplay and is sure challanging. The only downsize of the pack are the visuals at certain points in most maps, it doesn’t look ugly, but could be done better. Give it a go, and I am waiting for episode 2.

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