Galeloch Castle

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16 Oct 2019 at 08:52 (Minor update on 8 Apr 2023)

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PurpleJazz (More uploads by PurpleJazz)
Capture the flag
Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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ezgale.j2l Galeloch Castle 81.53 kB 08 Apr 2023
GalelochCastle.j2t Galeloch Castle 877.42 kB 06 Apr 2023
zengardn.s3m the zen garden 548.24 kB 06 Apr 2023
ezscarlet_leafsound.ogg 78.52 kB 06 Apr 2023
rain9.ogg 46.02 kB 08 Apr 2023
ezgale.j2as 7.21 kB 08 Apr 2023
MLLE-Include-1.6.asc 23.90 kB 08 Apr 2023
ezgale-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 9.33 kB 08 Apr 2023
ezgale-MLLE-Data-2.j2l MLLE Extra Data 9.12 kB 08 Apr 2023
ezgale-MLLE-Data-3.j2l MLLE Extra Data 8.99 kB 08 Apr 2023


Medium-sized CTF set in the decrepit ruins of a medieval castle. Leaves have begun to pile up as autumn takes hold.

Somewhat inspired by ruined castles in the Scottish Highlands.

This is also my entry to the JJnet Season 16 CTF contest. It is mainly suitable for 3vs3s, but 2vs2s may also work.


EDIT 20/10/19: Fixed some minor tilebugs.

EDIT: 08/04/23: Made some cosmetic improvements, fixed a layer speed bug.


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RecommendedYousuf010 rated N/A

Great Job PurpleJazz!

You Finished Good Map and Mist And Map is good Too with 8 bit color

But Very COOL Map!!!

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.9

RecommendedReview by FawFul

18 Jan 2020, 12:29
Turtle Goon (63 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness85%

I’ve recently given this level some thought and decided to write a review on it. To start off, this level does not have any glaring negatives. Everything in this level certainly works to an extent. The theming is superb. PJ shows again how good he is setting up a theme, put attention to detail and make a nice polished level around it. The combination of tile elements and colouring gives this level a new and fresh feel. From my experience this is not an easy thing to come up with and to deliver constantly, but PJ shows he can surprise us with each upload.

To me, where there is a surprise in theming and eyecandy, it somewhat lacks in gameplay. It’s certainly not bad, however i’m certain we’ve seen every gameplay element in this level before in another level. That is except for the carrot area. But i’m going to be honest that despite how clever the carrot area is, the risk going into the dead end is too short to really have a big influence on gameplay.

To give a short summary on the rest of the level: We’ve seen the triple pathfloors before, we’ve seen the scale of pathways before, the linearity & width around gap placements in paths, the typical spring on every end of a path to go up. It’s not an understatement that the pathing in this level is extremely simple and likely won’t suprise neither challenge anyones skill. There is nothing to me layout-wise that makes me think like… “Oh, that’s new and clever”.

Of course one could argue that this was the plan all along to keep it simple for players. But in my opinion this is a step down in professional levelmaking as we’ve known. The next step in JCS is also about inventing and you need to be taking some risks. This can be great if it pays off and I think we’re not done reinventing multiplayer levels to a big audience. This layout however is as risk free as it can get. I feel like PJ can be more creative to bring new and fresh gameplay elements to the table.

And even if we look at the entire JJNet mappool levels now, where does this level stand? I hate to say it but it really doesn’t feel like it brings a new choice to the table. If i want my typical open layout flatground level, with somewhat equal scorepacing and expected player skill, then there is a lot to choose from already. I could also go with Facing worlds, Byzantine Blues, Starlit CTF, All Your Base, Gauntlet, Ancient Museum, Dragon eyrie and to some extend Stronghold CTF. These levels also have very limited chokepoints and are quite easy to learn.

To put this into perspective: Right before the clanwar CC vs CDF, many of the old warteam members came back one day before it to train the entire mappool. I remember especially Vegito was hesitant at first learning the new levels, but we came to the fast conclusion that a lot of these in the current pool play the same way. Eventhough we struggled in Butrinti, we liked it a lot more cause it felt like there was room for tactical improvement. We have ideas on how to control that level more optimally and where to position ourselfs around chokepoints. I think it’s nice when a level does that. This is why i rather would have wanted something new to the mappool. This is just hard in a level that doesn’t challenge you to adapt much to the level. Galeloch works, but feels generic with what we’ve seen. To me this could have been a 9+ level if it had great gameplay to go with the theme.

Of course despite this PJ is still a very professional JCSer and this level was made very professionally. I just hope we take the next step in JCS by taking some creative risks and making them work. PJ is one those JCSers who can certainly do that.

1 of 1 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by Ragnarok!

1 Nov 2019, 19:27
Spaz Slackrabbit (146 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness80%

Copy pasted from contest feedback, note this is rated on its suitability for 2v2/3v3

+ Fun Full NRG area
+ Very suitable ammo/PU choices given the layout, and logical ammo placement
+ Interesting to have ice feeling useful in a level with spring trolling (for once)

- Does feel a bit like there’s not much safety in the level, which is great for 2v2 in fairness, but may encourage double hunting (which I personally like, but I know others don’t)

Other comments:
I recommend 2v2/3v3
I found the EC somewhat distracting in-game, but lowdetail really helped, good job building support for ppl who are blind like me!
I’d like if the small C’s were a bit more easily accessible, perhaps a personal nitpick…
Rating omitted since ez-product

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RecommendedReview by Superjazz

3 Nov 2019, 10:29
Jazz Jackrabbit (256 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness89%

From contest feedback:

+ Good strategic depth regarding the full carrot, possibility to shoot it down with certain weapons or block access by freezing springs
+ Well balanced weapon and powerup placement
+ No area is too easily campable but there are a few spots for breathing
+ Impressive visually without being too distractive to the eye

- The springs next to bases are sometimes hard to land on

/ Seems playable in both 2v2 and 3v3
/ The level is fairly big in size, but at the same time very open which compensates for it

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