Faster-Than-Light Starship

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24 Oct 2019 at 17:54 (Minor update on 7 Nov 2019)

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Capture the flag
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ezstar.j2l FTL Starship 15.50 kB 07 Nov 2019
ic - technoir3.j2t IC - Technoir3 161.80 kB 21 May 2016
babylon.s3m 534.49 kB 02 Jul 2019
ezstar.j2as 1.56 kB 07 Nov 2019
MLLE-Include-1.4.asc 9.55 kB 24 Oct 2019


A starship based on the universal design of FTL drive cores. Level inspired by the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Created for JJNET Mappool Contest 2019.

EDIT: Various minor edits regarding ammo distribution and masks.

EDIT 2: Fireball PU is now obtainable from below by directly shooting non-powered-up fireballs upwards.


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RecommendedReview by Ragnarok!

1 Nov 2019, 20:26
Spaz Slackrabbit (147 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness81%

Copy pasted from contest feedback, note this is rated on its suitability for 2v2/3v3

+ Fun carrot areas
+ Versatile & fast-paced gameplay
+ Probably most suitable for 2v2 + 3v3, gameplay-wise

- Some minor flow blips (that have potentially been updated):
• shooting gun8 PU seems suboptimal from left-side
• weird suckertube delay at bottom left
• some layer 3 pipes feel a bit bumpier than expected, probably easy to fix

Other comments:
I recommend 2v2/3v3
Rating omitted since ez-product

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RecommendedReview by Superjazz

3 Nov 2019, 11:31 (edited 3 Nov 19, 11:33)
Jazz Jackrabbit (256 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness89%

From contest feedback:

+ Fairly balanced layout with both open and closed areas
+ Pretty smooth and friendly flow with lots of diversity
+ Lots of room for strategic play and skill moves like RF-climbs
+ Balanced weapon and carrot placement
+ Visually impressive but not too distractive, no harsh colors

- Takes some time to learn completely, some areas are not so easily distinguishable
- Some tubes are sometimes hard to move in
- Some scenery is hard to distinguish as foreground from sprite layer, like the ceiling tubes at the top of the level

/ Seems playable in 2v2/3v3

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