Christmas 2019

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18 Dec 2019 at 17:38

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JazzRaccoon (More uploads by JazzRaccoon)
Single player
Lauren & Jazz Raccoon
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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Xmas2019.j2l Christmas 2019 29.38 kB 18 Dec 2019
Xmas2019.j2t Xmas2019 819.91 kB 17 Dec 2019


Xmas mash-smash-bash of 2019


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.4

RecommendedSlaz rated 7.7

An interesting mashup of different JJ2 tilesets, with some christmassy details mixed in like snowmen portraits, christmas trees, and ehh toilets. There’s not much open space, mostly horizontal pathways, and an optional route that gets you the extra coins necessary for the warp. Plenty of enemy diversity too, fitting for a mashup. I recommend it!

RecommendedKiraImmortal rated 9

This is definitely ambitious and showcases the possibilities of JJ2+ well. The level feels a bit like an example level over an actual Single Player concept, but the tileset itself is more than satisfactory to make playing through it enjoyable. Definitely recommend and it is definitely a top contender for a tileset i'd use for a more advanced level.

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Review by Violet CLM

10 Jan 2020, 07:04
I might as well work here (539 Points)
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This level is ambitious! Not only does it blend a bunch of sets into one, it even adds some cute details like snowy roofs, snowman portraits, giant sewer shells, and toilets(?). The palette does visibly suffer in places, but I’m willing to forgive that from someone who’s not necessarily an experienced pixeler. The warps inside the giant labrat bubbles are also pretty cute and are pure style with no concern for necessity. Places where tilesets mix together, particularly the houses, tend to be pretty interesting, and the layout makes an effort to keep you on your toes by constantly changing direction.

And yet… besides the witch at the start, there’s not really a lot going on here in terms of gameplay. There’s a long path toward the start that’s totally optional and loops back to around where it began, and you have roughly a 50-50 chance of deciding to visit it. After that the level starts resembling nothing more than someone playing Snake and desperately trying to avoid hitting themselves, with the path doing its best to take up every inch of available space, including a surprising number of flat horizontal lines. There’s very little to interact with besides vines and enemies. Despite constant attempts to vary things up a little with the eyecandy (and even those could be more psychedelic: tilesets mostly stick together and are bordered by straight lines, you don’t see a lot of stuff blending together organically) there’s just not a lot that really stands out as you play. It’s ambitious, like I said, but there’s a lack of elegance to go with that.

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