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16 Apr 2020 at 03:42

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Sprites mostly based on mjponso's
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EmoticonV.j2a 3.59 kB 15 Apr 2020
EmoticonV.mut 9.64 kB 15 Apr 2020


A set of enhancements to chatting to make it easier and more expressive:

  • Certain character sequences such as “:)” or” are replaced with one of eighteen emoticon sprites.
  • Enclosing a series of characters between pairs of double underscores (__) or tildes (~~) will underline or strikeout that series of characters.
  • If you type more than will fit onscreen (at 800×600), your message will be broken into two or more lines and sent separately.
  • If you type a link into chat but also include some other text before and/or after it, the link will be given its own line so that people can click on it.

Players who don’t happen to like the emoticon sprites may chat “!emoticons off” to disable them locally, but other players in the server will still be able to see them, and they will still benefit from everything else.


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Recommendeddragusela768943 rated 8.0


RecommendedFawFul rated 7.5

This is a useful script, although i’m not a big fan of how the emotes look. Turning them off is possible, but only for you. A better solution in my opinion would be if they didn’t replace the old emotes, but were a new set. For communication purposes I like it more if the sender and receiver see the same message.

RecommendedKiller NC rated 10.0

Cool emoticons Violet pro
New, Better and epic!

Sure rating is 10.0 ;D

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