Mighty Switch Test! 2!

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27 Apr 2020 at 02:44

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Music by Falcon/Pulse, suggested by PurpleJazz. Most graphics from JJ1. Voice clips from Treasure Island, Kings Quest V, and some text-to-speech website. Original concept still by WayForward. Thanks to the many playtesters and the many bugs they found, most of which are now removed.
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SwitchTestV2.j2l Mighty Switch Test! 2! 10.34 kB 26 Apr 2020
SwitchTestV2.j2t SwitchTestV2 21.09 kB 26 Apr 2020
SwitchTestV2.j2a 6.87 kB 18 Apr 2020
COSMIC2.XM Cosmic outflow_ 747.48 kB 05 Apr 2020
SwitchTestV2.j2as 61.46 kB 26 Apr 2020
SwitchTestV2.MLLESet 0.39 kB 13 Feb 2020
STV2-Build.wav 45.76 kB 21 Sep 2019
STV2-Dash.wav 61.44 kB 21 Sep 2019
STV2-Fall.wav 102.96 kB 06 Oct 2019
STV2-Ghost.wav 39.06 kB 21 Sep 2019
STV2-Switch.wav 63.57 kB 21 Sep 2019
SUCCESSF.WAV 49.25 kB 08 Jul 2017


Sequel to the first Mighty Switch Test!, set in the wreckage of the Twin Mega Battleships as you fly from fragment to fragment to escape the vacuum of space. Gone are the tubes, belts, lasers, red/green blocks, and maze-like layouts of the original; this time, the focus is on giving you control over your environment instead of the other way around. Besides the familiar Switch Gun, which switches all yellow blocks from solid to unsolid and back again, now there are three new guns to master. Run and gun through 60 new incidents that put the puzzle in puzzle platformer!

This test is designed to be played either in online multiplayer or in local single player. Online it functions mostly as a normal test level, although if you rejoin the server or start spectating, you have the option of returning to however far you’ve gotten in the past. Offline you have access to an Incident Select menu, so you can skip incidents you don’t like and there’s zero pressure to try to beat the whole test in one sitting. Also, the test keeps track of your best times for each incident… can you beat the par times and collect all 180 gold stars?

F2: modify background brightness
F7: show hints
F11 (offline only): go to level select


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RecommendedReview by Stijn

17 May 2020, 12:29 (edited 17 May 20, 15:26)
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (448 Points)
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Very well done, and a breath of fresh air among the myriads of top3-based tests out there (as was the original Mighty Switch Test). This looks cool, and is original, well-made and well-explained, though it is extremely difficult, and I will readily admit I didn’t manage to get that far in it. However, the level includes a way to go to a challenge (or ‘incident’) of your choice, so even if some are too difficult you can still look around to see if others are more to your liking, which is great.

There is one thing I wish would be changed – besides the difficulty, but I assume there is a group of players for whom this test’s difficulty is merely challenging rather than frustrating. This is the animation that plays when you fail a test and need to start over. Even if it’s only a second or two, it adds up and gets a little annoying when you’re trying to get past a hard test and failing often. This is the one thing I like better in traditional tests, where you simply warp back to your starting position. Since this level is already configurable to an extent, making this another toggle would be a great QoL improvement. Apart from that though, this is a polished, clever, impressive test that you should definitely check out.

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