Acid Planet

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6 Mar 2021 at 21:17 (Minor update on 7 Mar 2021)

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Single player
blade and others
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
Acid (145.36 kB)

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Acid Planet.j2l Acid Planet 6.95 kB 06 Mar 2021
MuckamokDay.j2t Jazz 2: Muckamok Day 76.73 kB 24 Jan 2002
SONGCD2.s3m Muckamuk 80.38 kB 04 Apr 2004


Segundo aporte amigos! En esta ocasión un nuevo nivel rodeados de mucho ácido e infinita diversión, comenten! saludos a todos


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Review by BlancaBee

28 Mar 2021, 16:19
CTF Bug (2 Points)
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This map has the potential to be much better with a few tweaks.
The overall theme adds up, music, pickups and enemies blend nicely with the Acid Planet theme and it all creates an outworldly feeling while playing through.

The map is not much of a challenge with extra lives, ammo and carrots available all in excess.
A little too short, it features a few nice landmarks and a few secrets.

A handful of secrets, most are not that obvious as through my first playthrough I didn’t find all the coins to get to the warp (!). But looking for them I was able to find them in the next one.

The eyecandy could use a tweak, I don’t see a reason for the green ball in top right corner, acid sea is two blocks alternating but overall the player doesn’t see much of it running through the map, fighting enemies and looking out for secrets.

A decent map, fun to give it a shot but probably won’t be much of a challenge to most.

Here’s a replay (about 8 min)

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Review by

30 Mar 2021, 17:25
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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Hola!!! Muchisimas gracias por tu análisis que hiciste en un nivel anterior que subí y en este también!!! De verdad amo jazz jackrabbit 2 y durante años uno de mis pasatiempos fué editar y crear niveles con temáticas un poco diferentes de lo que ya teníamos, valoro las críticas para ser aún mejor. Tienes razón con el tema de los retos en los niveles, quizás demasiado fáciles para jugadores expertos como nosotros (siendo generoso con las armas, los diamantes y las zanahorias) aún así intento entregarles trabajos terminados en su totalidad para el disfrute de la linda gente del grupo, desde Argentina te envío un abrazo grande! Y gracias por tu análisis y gameplay. Para el próximo mes tengo mas trabajos terminados! Saludos a todos

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RecommendedReview by Violet CLM

9 Apr 2021, 04:35
I might as well work here (527 Points)
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Deciding where to place a coin warp is a difficult decision! On the one hand, you want to place it early enough that the player will be able to use their rewards: a coin warp at the very end is useless. On the other hand, you want to place it late enough that are plenty of opportunities for the player to find secret areas with coins in them: a coin warp at the beginning means the rest of the level will be unexciting. Off-path areas stop being as elaborate. It can also be hard deciding which pickups to place, because you have to hope the player will think they’re worth it, but coins don’t have this problem: they carry infinite potential. Whatever any given player might want, might be inside a coin warp, so they really should pick up those coins!

This level places its warp roughly in the middle, which makes sense, but the back half is noticeably emptier of stuff to do than the front half. That’s a pity, because the coin hunting (and general secret wandering) is a big part of the draw to the first half, and without it, it’s a bit harder to ignore the flat floors and ceilings, comparatively minimal graphics, and reduced challenges. The end area is cool for playing very differently from everything that’s gone before it, but it does fall into a familiar design pitfall in JJ2 levels: Jazz (or Lori) can copter over it with no problem, even buttstomping enemies to get extra air instead of treating them as threats. The caterpillar is a good touch, though: the level has a number of neat one-off features like it, also including a trigger crate, and a rock, good little things that keep the player guessing without becoming the defining gameplay traits of the entire level. (That would instead be… acid pits, maybe? They’re pretty frequent but not overused.)

There are a couple weird glitches with red signs that either shouldn’t be there or aren’t functioning properly, but mostly this level is just fine, without doing anything too memorable. There are several short platforming segments which aren’t trying to be hugely difficult but still provide good variety. Enemies could probably be better, they didn’t make much of an impression on me as either dangerous or interestingly placed. This isn’t hugely exciting but it’s fine.

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