Frozen Mountains

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6 Mar 2021 at 23:44

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Frozen Mountains.j2l Frozen Mountains 10.95 kB 06 Mar 2021
Inferno1.j2t Inferno 1 244.47 kB 21 May 2013
Freeze.j2b Hell Freezes Over 302.97 kB 14 Jul 1998


Para los amantes del frío les traigo este nuevo nivel de nieve para añadir a su colección de jazz jackrabbit 2, luego de horas de trabajo finalizado al 100% que lo disfruten!


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RecommendedReview by Violet CLM

9 Apr 2021, 05:05
I might as well work here (527 Points)
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The first time I played this, I was struck by the warps, but further reflection really highlights the use of vertical space. The author’s previous two levels (assuming they were uploaded in the same order they were made) were both fairly flat at most times, but here you spend a lot of time going up and down, either in control (platforms) or not (poles). There are also long slopes in all directions, and a very cool repeated segment where you must stomp a trigger crate before being able to pass through a column of stomp blocks. These vertical areas aren’t exactly filled with enemies, because enemies tend to need to be in front of you for you to shoot them, but they do a great job of distinguishing this level from others and also keeping the player entertained with constantly changing gameplay styles and (literal) directions. Striking the right mix of variety and repetition is essential to creating a pleasant gameplay experience and this level nails it.

There are a couple graphics glitches toward the very start, most noticeably that the background in layer 8 doesn’t tile properly, but afterwards this level switches over to becoming very pleasant to look at. Inferno has a bunch of snowmen and skulls and bones and things you can throw in your levels and this seems to use all of them. Most impressively, there are even trees that manage to be just for show instead of forcing themselves to all be platforming segments. Some of them are still functional, of course, but it’s neat to see trees that just signify sometimes trees grow out of the ground. The bone bridges sadly only appear twice, but mostly there’s good stuff to look at.

It’s cool how much stuff is here just for the sake of being stylish. An arrow sign appears on a floating platform created solely for that arrow sign. Little alcoves appear in walls to keep them from being too flat. Floors rise up and down and have pits built in, with or without spike traps. There’s one brief period at the very bottom of the map where there’s nothing much going on, not even any pickups, but other than that, this is popping with stuff to see and do to keep you entertained. A great use of a difficult tileset.

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