Toxic Destilery

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7 Mar 2021 at 00:07

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Single player
blade and others
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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Toxic Destilery.j2l Toxic Destilery 9.03 kB 06 Mar 2021
MuckamokNight.j2t Jazz 2: Muckamok Night 73.92 kB 24 Jan 2002
SONGCD2.s3m Muckamuk 80.38 kB 04 Apr 2004


Continuando en el planeta ácido nos sumergimos en el segundo nivel ahora de noche! repleto de enemigos mortales pero con un buen arsenal de armas, que lo disfruten! (creditos al amigo blade y a toda la familia de jazz 2 por sus aportes)


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Quick Reviews Average: 6.2

RecommendedBlancaBee rated 6.2

+ good setting, enjoyable theme
+ secrets
+ challenging bossfight

-somewhat difficult as Lori (1.24)
- too much ammo
- teleport waypoints can send you to death or make you skip a part of the level

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RecommendedReview by Violet CLM

9 Apr 2021, 05:36
I might as well work here (527 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings278 Featured reviews25 Average helpfulness89%

The open spaces in this level seem wider and taller than in the author’s other levels. Ceilings hang high above, leaving room for Muckamok’s plants to grow upwards without being immediately cut off, and more importantly there’s room for extended platforming, with or without springs. A brief wind section around the middle is the most memorable—if only because wind is oddly rare—but there’s some good design space being explored elsewhere too. The use of cave tiles allows the author to carve out certain parts of the level as discrete areas with their own internal logic, while the spaces between caves are able to flow freely from one shape or challenge to another. Several of the enemies seem more aggressive than those in the author’s other levels, finding more opportunities to attack you as you navigate the ebbs and flows of the mask. Little cute moments like a coin inside a ceiling, requiring careful spring use, or scattered (not too frequent) little platforms above dangers make things more fun. A good level marred by a few minor technical glitches… the level isn’t available in the home-cooked levels list, the black fade color of the sky makes the vines invisible, a One Way event doesn’t work at all angles, the sign doesn’t show any text, and an unrelated text shows up when you beat the boss.

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