Cavern Rabbit

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7 Mar 2021 at 00:27

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Single player
Comunidad jazz jackrabbit 2
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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Cavern Rabbit.j2l Cavern Rabbit 8.02 kB 06 Mar 2021
CasMINE.j2t CasUaLTy [MINE] 220.75 kB 15 Feb 2015
A. Brandon - Surfacing.s3m Surfacing 679.04 kB 10 Dec 2007


Les traigo un hermoso y nuevo nivel para compartirlo con ustedes mis amigos, el nivel de la caverna con numerosos enemigos y arsenal de armas para que no les causen demasiados problemas, espero que lo disfruten y sientanse libres de comentar! abrazo a todos


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BlancaBee rated 5.0

+ eyecandy, nicest looking level so far, decent use of the tileset
+ deadly boulders

- tight corridors and enemies don’t mix well here
- too much ammo
- no hidden paths / secrets (or at least I didn’t find any)
- unexpected warps

A decent level but it is hard to recommend, it is difficult where it shouldn’t be and too short for my liking

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Review by Violet CLM

9 Apr 2021, 05:46
I might as well work here (527 Points)
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This is probably my least favorite of the author’s five (so far) levels, though it’s by no means bad. It’s just kind of lacking in distinct moments, and while I assume it’s trying to feel clamped and claustrophobic (because it’s in a cavern!) by having so many little passages rubbing up against each other, the result actually feels more distracting. I don’t like being able to see so many other parts of the level around me at all times. I think I also had to put more work into conserving my ammo than in the other levels, so there are probably fewer pickups here, at least in the first half. The level design twists and turns a lot, which is mostly good, but it also feels very linear, without a whole lot of opportunities to wander off and collect stuff. The level ends kind of abruptly (after a very poorly timed sugar rush) and three rolling rocks are the only real landmarks (and they all play about the same). It’s all functional enough, and the visuals are solid and do some some nice things with bridges and slopes, but I don’t recognize a lot of inspiration at work here, which is too bad. Under most circumstances I’d enjoy playing this as a good new level if it didn’t have its somewhat more interesting predecessors uploaded right at the same time.

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Review by

9 Apr 2021, 05:58
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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Hola violet!! Muchisimas gracias por tu reseña! Siempre un placer leerte, este fué quizás el nivel que menos logró destacar de los 5 que presenté debido a la poca extensión y probabilidades de exploración en el mismo, para el día de mañana prometo subir un trabajo terminado (de un nuevo nivel de tubelectric) es uno de mis favoritos, el cual espero sea de su agrado y del agrado de todos los de la comunidad, siéntete libre si quieres realizar alguna edición en mis niveles anteriores, somos una familia y estamos para compartir nuestros proyectos, saludos!!!

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