Grand Canyon

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10 Apr 2021 at 17:12 (Minor update on 10 Apr 2021)

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Grand Canyon.j2l Grand Canyon 10.17 kB 10 Apr 2021
Desert.j2t Desert 50.83 kB 16 Feb 2003
song13.s3m 121.97 kB 13 Jan 1998


Hola amigos les traigo la segunda versión de etapa del desierto (la anterior se llama (desert valley) les recomiendo descargar también ese nivel para su coleccion. Saludos!!!


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Quick Reviews Average: 5.5

BlancaBee rated 5.5

+ enemies that fit the theme
+ boulders are still deadly
+ bossfight comes as a nice surprise

- tilebugs, a lot of things don’t connect, visually it could use more work
- the beginning feels slow
- some enemies aren’t really in your way, some cats don’t want to fight and some skeletons can be skipped or killed from far

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Review by Violet CLM

17 Apr 2021, 23:18
I might as well work here (517 Points)
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Grand Canyon is a curious beast because you usually expect to see single player levels stay sort of the same throughout. Enemies and obstacles will come and go, but the basic idea of how the level is played—highly linear? lots of secrets? lots of branching paths?—will stay roughly constant. Not so here. The first long stretch is almost a straight line, with lots of foreground eyecandy; then there are a couple of branch splits; then you have to find the right path forwards from among a number of dead ends; then finally there are some warps. It’s maybe somewhat more awkward/artificial to have these different design styles come one after another, rather than interweave them organically, but from the designer’s perspective it makes sense as trying different things out. Checkpoints aren’t quite placed between each pair of layout styles but come pretty close.

For my part, I found the first part (the linear left-to-right area) the least interesting, though it’s hardly bad. There are pickups and enemies and things, spikes and cacti and slopes, it’s just missing any real original idea to hold it together. The later segments are more interesting, albeit less visually appealing, and it’s a particularly nice touch that when the path splits shortly before the coin warp, you can take either path and there’ll be a coin on each one. (Or you could backtrack and take both paths and end up with too many coins, oh well.)

Once again there are a handful of little areas where the tile use isn’t quite right, with caves not quite lining up right with the stuff around them. The author still doesn’t seem to have figured out how text events work. And it’s odd that most of the level has no carrots until they finally start to appear toward the end. But in general there’s some good gameplay here, satisfying though not groundbreaking. Even though it’s easy to jump over most of the spikes, it’s nice to see the author using them as just another level feature, because yeah, platform games have spikes sometimes, they don’t always need to be in immense pits.

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