Hell Rabbit

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16 Apr 2021 at 08:27

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Hell Rabbit.j2l Hell Rabbit 12.72 kB 16 Apr 2021
InfernoN.j2t Inferno Night 243.45 kB 21 May 2013


Les dejo una versión modificada de este nuevo nivel que les servirá de alternativa para el clásico nivel `RABBIT ROAST` con mas enemigos, armas y muchas sorpresas. Que lo disfruten!


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Quick Reviews Average: 6.2

ForthRightMC rated 6.2

Well the level is still very good, but I’ll give you 6.2/10. My version contains a tileset from Stone Abyss pack and MLLE Custom Weapons.

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Review by Violet CLM

18 Apr 2021, 05:36
I might as well work here (517 Points)
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I would guess that red fire Inferno is much less popular than blue ice Inferno, because it’s just not very distinctive. The Damn levels lean much more heavily into the hell theme, but Rabbit Roast, the official level with this tileset, doesn’t even have collapsing platforms and meltable ice blocks like its predecessor. There’s some fire, which is a bit more interesting than spikes, and a couple of trigger crates, but mostly you just wander around. Unfortunately, in my opinion, “Hell Rabbit” does a little too good a job of replicating this experience, and without even as much of a focus on the trigger crates. It’s a totally functional level, and the random morph box is a good touch, but there’s not really much going on in it. Spaces are linear and open, without a whole lot of stuff to do on the sides. There are a good number of pickups, as in the author’s other levels, but this time around they’re mostly right on the main path, difficult to miss, instead of offering fun side activities for the player to think about doing. Graphics are all, again, functional, which is not an easy thing to do when using Inferno, but there’s none of the playfulness from Frozen Mountains. I’m always a fan of vines, so the area in the bottom left with the vines over spikes is nice, and it’s good to see the end-level sugar rush finally get a use in one of the author’s levels, as there are a series of annoying enemies scheduled for then without anything else to pay attention to. Everything that is here works well, but I guess it’s not very exciting: there could be more.

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