Lost in the snow

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24 Apr 2021 at 21:19

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juampa_elcapo2009@hotmail.com (More uploads by juampa_elcapo2009@hotmail.com)
Single player
Abgrenv, Violet CLM, BlancaBee, ForthRightMC
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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Lost in the snow.j2l Lost in the snow 16.49 kB 24 Apr 2021
Inferno1.j2t Inferno 1 244.47 kB 21 May 2013


Hola amigos! Les dejo mi último trabajo realizado, siguiendo con la temática de la nieve un nivel con muchas sorpresas y caminos alternativos para jugarlo mas de una vez! Saludos especialmente a los amigos que menciono en los créditos, sus críticas me ayudan a poner mas empeño en este juego que amo!


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.6

RecommendedForthRightMC rated 9.0

9/10! I agree with Violet, but I also added custom tileset, music and MLLE Weapons in my own version of this level.

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RecommendedPrimpy rated 8.2

Simple but fun. A bit too claustrophobic but it manages to be creative at times. Give it a shot if you’re looking for something short and sweet.

RecommendedBlancaBee rated 8.5

+ length
+ challenging
+ looks good
+ secrets
+ creative obstacles
+ multiple paths

- you can get stuck if you run out of toaster

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9

RecommendedReview by Violet CLM

26 Apr 2021, 19:16
I might as well work here (517 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings279 Featured reviews23 Average helpfulness89%

I’ll be blunt: this level is pretty much perfect. There are occasional very minor graphical glitches (in a tileset that is notoriously hard to use), two or three jumps are hard to make because the ceiling is too low, layer 3 secrets shouldn’t contain only carrots because that confuses players with full health, and there should probably be some springs to freeze, in order to highlight the ice ammo… but that’s all I’ve got.

Video games thrive when their different areas play differently and are not pure reskins of one another. One main way to do this is to give each area one or more gameplay gimmicks that pop up again and again. This level identifies Inferno’s gimmicks as collapsing platforms and ice blocks and does a splendid job featuring them over and over in slightly different configurations. Sometimes collapsing platforms are above spikes, so you need to fall in the right spot or else not fall at all. Sometimes they make it easier to jump up to the next platform if you’re quick. Sometimes they’re just there for flavor. Ice blocks likewise feature all over the place, above or below or to the side, some mandatory and some optional, usually right after some helpful toaster ammo (or a fire shield). But these moments are spaced out appropriately, you don’t go from one collapsing section immediately to a different collapsing section.

The level has other tricks too, though they’re less Inferno-specific. There are a lot of vines, which I always approve of. Buttstomp blocks are used in a few ways, offering a couple character-specific goodies and also a very cool area in the bottom right, where you stomp down into a pit and then have to climb back out again. The path even splits not once but twice, this time with warps to make sure the player only takes one of the two possibilities in a single playthrough: you can’t double back and get all the goodies on both. Hypothetically there are four different routes through this level, and they’re well balanced: in particular, one of the more elaborate collapsing platform moments has you climbing up through gaps in a series of platforms, and there are two variants on this, but they appear in the two branches from the same split, so you don’t have to (/can’t) play them both in one playthrough.

Enemies are the standard ones for Inferno, dogs and ravens and skeletons, and happily they’re good matches for the weapons: they all take more than one hit, making them good candidates for toaster, and of course ravens are one of the best uses for ice. There are a few RF pickups that I didn’t use much, but the seekers were nice, particularly for hitting enemies under the branches of a tree I was standing on.

This is a good design for a level, this is a good length for a level, this is a level. The whole time I played it for the first time, I was never bored, as the level kept turning in new directions, showing off new things to play with, giving me enemies to attack at new angles, and so on. It’s mostly very crowded, without a lot of open spaces, but mostly not to the point of being stifling. Probably better played at 640×480 than 800×600 though. This is one of the only levels that puts some serious design work into the coin warp area and doesn’t just throw in a tiny rectangular room full of pickups. Play this.

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