Saving Birdland

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29 May 1999 at 18:39

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Talec (More uploads by Talec)
Single player

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Bramblebank.txt 1.35 kB 29 May 1999
Bramble-1.j2l Introduction, Episode 1 1.16 kB 18 May 1999
Bramble0.j2l Far Out 5.41 kB 17 May 1999
Bramble1.j2l Bramblebank 3.57 kB 17 May 1999
Bramble2.j2l Birds and Dragons 5.47 kB 17 May 1999
Bramble3.j2l Dragons in Birdland 4.71 kB 18 May 1999
Bramblesecr.j2l Dragons in Diamondus 5.78 kB 17 May 1999
Bramblesecr2.j2l You are Entering Birdland 1.90 kB 17 May 1999
Bramblesecr3.j2l The Outskirts of Birdland 5.25 kB 17 May 1999


This file was originally uploaded to Jazz2City, one of the first Jazz Jackrabbit fansites, which closed in the early 2000s. Its downloads have been preserved on Jazz2Online, but note that they were not originally uploaded to J2O and we take no responsibility for their contents. You can read more about Jazz2City on our wiki.


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Review by Violet CLM

29 Sep 2022, 21:36
I might as well work here (539 Points)
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There’s not a lot of level design flow here. You kind of wander around, maybe collecting a bunch of goodies, maybe jumping over some enemies, not sure if you’re going the right direction, and suddenly there’s an exit. But what’s interesting about this pack is how much Talec is (already, in 1999) pushing up against the limits of what the game is supposed to support. Frogs, invisible enemies, secret levels, next level settings. (You’re asked repeatedly to use the JJNXT cheat code in order not to break the secret level bool, though in 2022, we know that using other events could have avoided this issue.) And there’s something thematically fitting about the pack’s focus on secret levels in light of how some of those features are kind of secrets within JJ2. The first level is an edit of psych3, an unfinished secret level, if not the most interesting one. There are more pickups, the warp target doesn’t go where I’d expect it go, but nothing truly remarkable. In general the disappointing factor in this pack is that secret levels are never really treated as a reward. Talec learns from Labrat3 that secret levels are supposed to involve turning into a bird, but there aren’t the profusion of goodies you’d expect from a JJ1 secret level. And you need a secret level to have some kind of desirable experience or else the player is actually working to their advantage to skip it, because they save time that way.

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