Infernal Fortress

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3 Mar 2022 at 16:34 (Minor update on 11 Apr 2022)

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Auto1lija (More uploads by Auto1lija)
Single player
Obi1mcd for the tileset.
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InfFort.j2l Infernal Fortress 3.48 kB 03 Mar 2022
LavaFortress_v2.j2t Lava Fortress v2 115.38 kB 05 Oct 2010


Jazz and his friends managed to find themselves in this castle after exiting Medivo. It’s their task to manage through it!

Update: Minor background and hurt box fix.
Update 2: Made it more clear where the warps are located, added more enemies and other minor tweaks.


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Review by abgrenv

3 Mar 2022, 23:08
Bee Boy Swarm (37 Points)
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Haven’t played the other levels from this user, but based on the ratings, this should be a definite improvement. The level is pretty competently put together. No splitting paths or secrets or coins, but since it’s a short level that can be completed in about 5 minutes, it doesn’t matter all that much. The eyecandy seems to be on the blander side, since from what I see, it seems only layer 4 and 8 were used. Item and enemy placement were decent, but there weren’t any carrots, not that the level is that difficult, but 1-2 may have been better. There’s a boss fight with Bilsy at the end but bosses were never the strengh of this series.

Anyway, overall I think this is a competent/decent level. It does enough to tip the rating on the more positive side. Most of the basics are there and there’s nothing outright bad in it. Like I said, I didn’t play the other levels from the uploader, but this seems to be going in the right direction. Keep up the improvement!! I’d definitely encourage you to make more levels.

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Not recommendedReview by Violet CLM

17 Mar 2023, 19:47
I might as well work here (539 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

There are some particular ideas that work here, like the super long hurt areas to encourage copter-earing, or the tiny blocks in front of enemies so the player slows down. The use of springs is good. But mostly this level just feels a little too empty to me, graphically and functionally. The gems just off the main path are a good start, but there need to be more pickups in general, especially ammo (e.g. bouncers and ice for the Bilsy fight), and some more variety in wall size, and a lot more visual detail.

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