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15 Sep 2022 at 19:41 (Minor update on 17 Sep 2022)

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Blade (More uploads by Blade)
Rainbow Runner was created with Pro Motion NG 7.2.7
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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Rainbowrunner.txt 10.84 kB 15 Sep 2022
Rainbowrunner_race.j2l Rainbow Runner Race 46.22 kB 15 Sep 2022
Rainbowrunner_sp.j2l Rainbow Runner 36.59 kB 15 Sep 2022
Rainbowrunner_templ.j2l Rainbow Runner Template Level 7.11 kB 15 Sep 2022
Rainbowrunner.j2t Rainbow Runner 473.53 kB 14 Sep 2022
rainbow.xm Rainbow Runner 1951.10 kB 03 Jul 2001
Unknown_Phuture.xm Unknown Phuture 2 716.07 kB 23 Jul 2002
Rainbowrunner_manual.png 3682.10 kB 15 Sep 2022
Rainbowrunner_manual_rainbow.png 817.67 kB 15 Sep 2022
Rainbowrunner_manual_stairs.png 978.46 kB 15 Sep 2022


Welcome to Rainbow Runner!

Rainbow Runner is a large tileset full of colour and interactivity. In Rainbow Runner, Jazz, Spaz, and Lori are transported to a realm of happiness, freedom, and hopefulness that manifests in fluffy clouds, endless rainbow highways, and hot air balloons. The tileset contains close to a hundred different animations and it supports the use of most JCS events with animations for disappearing platforms, conveyor belts, sucker tubes, and warps. A rainbow themed tileset would not be complete without cute animal friends: with you on this journey will be bunch of unicorns, butterflies, mice, squirrels and other cheerful little beings.

This Rainbow Runner release contains three example levels. The single-player level and the race levels exhibit different features of the tileset while the template level offers a fast glimpse to all of the tileset animations and works as a springboard into Rainbow Runner level design.

Be sure to read Rainbowrunner.txt for more information about the tileset. To help you get started with Rainbow Runner, check out the three instructional images.

I hope Rainbow Runner brings joy to your day. Thank you for playing.

It took ages to create Rainbow Runner. Keeping this in mind, please remember to credit me if you choose to use the tileset or its parts in your own Jazz Jackrabbit 2 project.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.9

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 9.7

Mieli = totaalisen puhallettu. Mind totally blown. Go blade!!!

RecommendedRSGDB rated 10

I don’t really have anything to add. Just download it and see for yourself

RecommendedNarsist rated 9.7

Well, it contains a vivid, animation heavy tileset with a beautiul 3 examples for know-how. Even though it’s overly-vivid in my taste, I see there are endless possibilities for levels filled with colorful eyecandy. Good job!

RecommendedForthRightMC rated 10

10/10 HYPE

It’s the perfect tileset for making, for example, sky levels! Good job Blade!

Recommendedmirrow rated 10

What a nuanced colour palette and sweet atmosphere. All the incredible details and animations. Is it a bee or a mosquito? A Beescito? True to your distinctive style. Amazing set Blade! I don’t dare to rate that magic.

RecommendedDragusela rated 10

Literally perfection

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RecommendedReview by Violet CLM

15 Mar 2023, 06:53
I might as well work here (527 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews24 Average helpfulness90%

There are a handful of things that don’t wow me in this set. The silver pots are the big offenders with their surface area to color depth ratio. The giant moth or butterfly with its incongruously black outlines. The destruct blocks that are too colorful to make out their specific markings. And…….. that’s it, honestly.

Again and again while scrolling or playing through Rainbow Runner, the impression I get is "these tiles could be a tileset all on their own." You could totally have a Waz-style set with the hamster tubes, or the "blueground" of course, or the clouds and rainbows. But instead they’re here all together in a giant kaleidoscope of everything that could possibly be related to the concept of rainbows. You can be most of the way through the level or set and suddenly there’s an entirely new set of tiles you’ve never seen or dreamt of before. It goes on and on, new trick after trick, cute animal after cute animal, and yet never sacrifices quality for so much quantity.

It’s hard to know what to write for this review that isn’t just listing things in the tileset and saying how cool they are, so maybe I’ll do that. It’s a damn shame that six months later nobody else has bothered to write a review for this, so I’ll have to. Let’s talk about the clouds. They’re based on the same flat color design that bothers me in other tilesets, but here they work beautifully. They’re soft and bubbly. The option of unmasked rows of clouds against the flat background keeps things fresh and interesting, and so do the curvy and bubbly edges at every possible angle. The masked cloud rows look especially delicious when set against the unmasked ones, but even without them they’re still great, reminders of how many tilesets we’ve seen that failed to have clouds of any quality at all. And there are giant clouds too for hanging around in the foreground.

The blueground is lovely in a Skulg sort of way, and works well with the floating background trees, but what really makes it stand out is the giant staircases which I’ve never seen in any other set. Castlevania’s tiny background stairs can sit right back down, these are the real deal and they work perfectly and look phenomenal. Besides that, all the tiny little roots coming out of the bottoms of the ground reinforce the idea that these are floating platforms ripped up into the air—as they should be, up in the clouds—not just regular earth that happens to be cut off at the bottom because video games are weird. Coming up with the exact three colors of grass to look great together must have taken some time but it paid off, even though one’s green it’s not a default grass green by any means, it’s something much more interesting and fantastic.

The animals! I’m sure many of them are space fillers, like the flowerpots and other such tiny little objects taking up a tile or two in a larger section, but they’re emblematic of what may honestly be this tileset’s most distinctive feature: there are so many individual drawings. It would be impossible to catalogue them all were it not for the fact that Blade actually drew them all. It’s the exact opposite of a Raging Inferno with its single trident to distract from the tileset’s two or three textures. It’s luxury, vast, unending. The theme is rainbows and yet there is more of everything than in any dedicated tileset. And then somehow on top of all these other tiles there are animations too, scores and scores of them, territory basically untouched save for RainV and that was probably originally drawn by professionals. Not only does everything look incredible, but there are so many things that nobody else would ever even have thought to draw and include.

Over the years many fun and memorable levels have been made from limited tilesets, using flipped tiles and transparency and other funny tricks to make much out of little. Rainbow Runner presents the opposite challenge, providing so much bounty that we must learn to reduce, to find ways not to use every single element on screen—or even, perhaps, in the same level—at the same time, lest the player be utterly overwhelmed. I hope it is a challenge that somebody shall soon take up.

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