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14 Oct 2022 at 16:38 (Minor update on 14 Oct 2022)

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krcage.j2l Matrix in the Cage 1.83 kB 14 Oct 2022
krdeep.j2l Deep Sea: the City of Ocean 1.76 kB 14 Oct 2022
krlz.j2l Lazy Capture 2.22 kB 14 Oct 2022
krnj.j2l CTF New Jersey 2.52 kB 14 Oct 2022
krsand.j2l San Diego CTF 1.98 kB 14 Oct 2022
krvolc.j2l Volcanic CTF 2.61 kB 14 Oct 2022
BurningTowers3.j2t BurningTowers3 67.25 kB 12 Sep 2020
hippy.j2t ->Hippy Hippy Shake 37.84 kB 05 Dec 2021
Mez01.j2t MEZ01 35.74 kB 13 Jun 2020
MEZ02.J2T MEZ02 26.19 kB 17 Jul 2021
naturesruins.j2t Nature's Ruins 197.50 kB 08 Jun 2020
Super Mario Brothers.j2t Super Mario Brothers 43.21 kB 04 Aug 2021
town_JJ2.it Town 431.87 kB 04 Aug 2021
volcanovalley.it Volcano Valley 123.48 kB 27 Dec 2020
Arvids.s3m arvids fredag 236.20 kB 05 Dec 2021
1nstrumenta1fx.mp3 1463.42 kB 14 Oct 2022
b-more_oriole_jj2.ogg 1275.32 kB 14 Oct 2022
Jazzydnbiheardinsoundclash.ogg 2533.09 kB 14 Oct 2022


6 CTF levels


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Review by Violet CLM

18 Oct 2022, 22:01
I might as well work here (527 Points)
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A bunch of duel-sized, high-concept CTF levels of varying quality. The pack starts off strong with krcage, which has some interesting gameplay around the carrots, with vines and electroblasters. The bottom area is a bit too simple, though, and the double vine rows could probably be reduced to single vines to make the level play a little faster. krdeep also has a focus on two +1 carrots instead of one full energy, this time paired with copters, but the rest of the level is too difficult to parse visually, and Spaz can get up the central castle much faster than the other characters. krlz I’m not a fan of, only Spaz can get up the central column in any reasonable timeframe and the rest of the level is blocky and hard to see in. There are other CTF maps that do this diamond layout more gracefully. krnj is a bold attempt to make a vertical CTF level, but I’m not convinced it’s any more successful than most others, since there’s nothing to keep you from falling down from one base to the other. Also I asked my brother, who lives in New Jersey, about its accuracy, and he says “Seems a little desolate for the most densely populated state!” krsand seems fine to me, I could imagine giving it a little more polish in certain spots but the basic layout is totally functional and enjoyable. krvolc is a letdown though, the bases are so incredibly close together I don’t see how this ends up playing well.

In conclusion, some of these levels are better than others, but it’s not a bad effort, and I like getting more bite-sized maps out there for quicker games.

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Review by kn0b010ck5m0th

22 Oct 2022, 19:58
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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thanks Violet for the generous review!

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