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Host in any CTF level with no special setup needed. Makes the following rules changes to CTF:

  • When you bring a flag to your base, you score a point even if there’s no flag there. The flag you brought then stays at your base until the next time it is captured, rather than warp back to the enemy team’s base.
  • When you roast a player carrying a flag, and you are not already carrying a flag, you steal the victim’s flag.
  • When you roast a player carrying a flag, but you are already carrying a flag, the victim’s flag stays where the victim died for 30 seconds before automatically returning to the base of the team with more points. If another player finds the discarded flag before it returns, they capture it.
  • If all the flags are at the same base, and that team does not have more points than the other team, every five seconds that team scores a free point.

Basic strategy tip: it’s a bad idea to capture a flag from the enemy team’s base if you are injured, because the enemy team can wait for you to capture it, roast you, steal it back, and quickly return it to their base for a point.

There’s also a !flagsperteam command (defaults to 1) for wilder games.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

Recommendedminmay rated 8.5

A great twist to normal CTF gameplay. Flag scores happen a lot more often, the rules are simple enough to explain to people, and it’s always entertaining when one base has both flags and everyone in both teams ends up fighting there.
This was really fun in JDC events and I think it will be really fun for 3vs3 and larger games in general, too!

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