Day/Night cycle at Diamondus

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21 Apr 2023 at 13:11

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SpyrotheDragon2022 (More uploads by SpyrotheDragon2022)
Single player
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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Spyro's Diamondus day.j2l Day at Diamondus 7.05 kB 21 Apr 2023
Spyro's Diamondus evening.j2l Evening at Diamondus 4.70 kB 21 Apr 2023
Spyro's Diamondus night.j2l Night at Diamondus 6.51 kB 21 Apr 2023
JJ1 Diamondus -NOKA.j2t JJ1: Diamondus -NOKA 141.81 kB 19 Jan 2023
JJ1 DiamondusEvening -NOKA.j2t JJ1: DiamondusEvening -NOKA 141.69 kB 19 Jan 2023
JJ1 DiamondusNight -NOKA.j2t JJ1: DiamondusNight -NOKA 142.32 kB 19 Jan 2023
Diamondus.s3m 77.06 kB 19 Jan 2023
Spyro's Diamondus night.j2as 0.18 kB 10 Apr 2023
MLLE-Include-1.5.asc 12.62 kB 21 Apr 2023


Decided to test out Noka’s Classic Diamondus tilesets. :D

There’s a surprise boss in the night lvl. ;)


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Violet CLM rated N/A

I do like the use of split paths here, and some of the alternate dead end routes, though the rewards can be a little lacking for how long the routes are. It’s weird seeing single pickups floating isolated in the air, they usually come in groups of four or more in levels. But everything works all right, there are some good shape variations, not bad.

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Review by abgrenv

22 Apr 2023, 09:30
Bee Boy Swarm (37 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings37 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness85%

A pretty decend 3 level pack by Spyro.

Once you get dropped into the level, you might notice 1 big improvement, that being the eyecandy with the background layers. I have to say, it’s a pretty noticable jump in quality compared to previous levels.

The level layout is pretty decent as well, with some split paths and secrets sprinkled in occasionally.

If I’m being honest, these levels feel like something that you would find in the Homemade Level section of The Secret Files, at least that was going through my mind while playing through them.

Though enemy and item density is improved compared to previous uploads, the levels can still feel a bit barren. I know from myself that I can often go overboard with item and enemy placement and make my levels cluttered, but I believe there can be more added to your levels. That way there will be less dead air areas while going through them. Especially considering how your level otherwise are pretty competently put together.

Overall, the improvement is noticeable, so keep it up!

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