Cold Beers Beach

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21 Apr 2023 at 15:17 (Minor update on 22 Apr 2023)

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Slaz (More uploads by Slaz)
Lynx for the beer sprite. Naps and PurpleJazz for script pieces. NOKA for the tileset conversion.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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j2vfbeers.j2l Cold Beers Beach 13.29 kB 21 Apr 2023
JJ1 Turtemple2 -NOKA.j2t JJ1: Turtemple2 -NOKA 148.99 kB 21 Apr 2023
beer.j2a 0.44 kB 21 Apr 2023
bao!bao!.xm !bao!bao! 177.39 kB 21 Apr 2023
j2vfbeers.j2as 7.48 kB 21 Apr 2023
Silence.wav 13.65 kB 21 Apr 2023


The notoriously alcoholic and wonderful battle level from this year’s Anniversary Bash. It’s mostly suited for events rather than anything seriously competitive, although you’re free to try that anyway of course!

Picking up a beer will get you ‘stoned’ for 2 secs while also granting a rush and maximum fastfire during that short time. Drunk bunnies just tend to be aggressive, sorry about that! Also, the sea is made of beer as well for some reason, so swimming in it for too long will also grant you these effects whether you want it or not. The water shield will keep you sober while it’s active no matter how much beer you get.

Spawn times: 15 seconds for ammo and beer. 30 seconds for carrots, powerups and the shield.
There are 5 carrots total.

Changes from the Bash version are minor:
- Slightly reduced the time beer is effective to exactly 2 seconds.
- Lowered a 1-way platform on the left side so that the spring on the platform above is more easily accessible from below (especially for Lori).
- Changed a few ammo pickup locations and swapped some ammo crates around.
- Fixed a few minor tilebugs and smoothed out the ‘temple’ on the lower right of the level.
- Used Silence.wav instead of HH17_Null.wav because it’s name is better for a common file.

Enjoy and cheers! ;)


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