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23 Apr 2023 at 04:19

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Wing sprites from Pocky and Rocky (SNES), ripped by Tom Guycott; WAGNUS based on Duck Game
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AngelWings.j2a 4.64 kB 22 Apr 2023
Wagnus.j2a 2.63 kB 22 Apr 2023
AngelWings.asc 4.19 kB 02 Apr 2023
Wagnus.asc 5.13 kB 22 Apr 2023
Mover Weapons.ini 0.45 kB 22 Apr 2023
angelwings.png 0.43 kB 02 Apr 2023
wagnus.png 0.43 kB 22 Apr 2023


Two movement-centric weapons for use in levels and such. Angel Wings let you stand in air for a brief time, and you can even jump. The powered-up version shoots a shining orange halo bullet downwards. The WAGNUS teleports you in a straight line and leaves a trail of destruction. The powered up version has a wider range and lets you teleport upwards. Mouse aim is supported for teleporting at all angles.

To use in MLLE, extract the .asc and .j2a files into the same folder as Jazz2.exe, and extract the contents of the Weapons folder into MLLE’s Weapons folder. Both weapons offer several configurable options.


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Quick Reviews Average: 6.5

Not recommendedFawFul rated 6.5

Cool weapon ideas that feel a bit unfinished. The weapons lack sounds and visual queues to help identify them. Neither weapon works as you would think. The teleport is too instant and spammable and causes nausea. Running with wings mid-air looks and feels weird. It feels like these ideas can be executed a lot better than they currently are.

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