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  1. [Enableable]
  2. SaveAndRun=Battery.exe
  3. StartPositionEvent=29
  5. ;
  6. ; Tile type descriptions
  7. ;
  8. [Tiles]
  9. 1=Translucent
  10. 4=Caption
  12. ;
  13. ; Event types
  14. ;
  15. [EventTypes]
  16. Label=Link event to local trigger group
  17. 0=White (default)
  18. 1=Yellow
  19. 2=Red
  20. 3=Purple
  22. ;
  23. ; Tree structure for selecting events
  24. ;
  25. [Categories]
  26. 0=Events
  28. [Subcategories]
  29. 0=Dangers           |Enemy   |Events
  30. 1=Boss Stuff        |Boss    |Events
  31. 2=Pickups           |Pickup  |Events
  32. 3=Scenery           |Scenery |Events
  33. 4=Area              |Area    |Events
  34. 5=Objects           |Object  |Events
  36. ;
  37. ; Events and parameters descriptions
  38. ; The format of an event is as follows: ID=Verbose Name|Multiplayer Compatible (+ or -)|Subcategory|Name top row|Name bottom row|zero or more parameters
  39. ; A single parameter follows the format of name, then possible options, separated by a colon. Here are the various formats for possible options:
  40. ;   Positive number x: any number between 0 and (2^x)-1 is allowed. Takes up x bits.
  41. ;   Negative number x: any number between -(2^(x-1)) and (2^(x-1))-1 is allowed. Takes up x bits.
  42. ;   c, followed by a number x: a checkbox. Takes up x bits, only the first of which will be written to.
  43. ;   t, followed by a number x: a dropdown box of any of the first (2^x) text strings. Takes up x bits.
  44. ;   p, followed by a number x and a number y: a dropdown box of the first (2^y-1) pipe-separated strings in text string (value of parameter x). Takes up y bits.
  45. ;   A pair of curly braces {} with a comma-delimited list inside, followed by a number x: dropdown box of those options, of length (2^x). Takes up x bits.
  46. ;
  47. [Events]
  48. 1=One Way           |-|Area    |One   |Way
  49. 17=End of Level     |-|Area    |Level |End
  50. 29=Start Position   |-|Area    |Level |Start
  51. 33=Battery Holder   |-|Object  |Batt  |Holder|Trigger ID:6|Direction:{Left,Right}1
  52. 35=Liferaft         |-|Object  |Life  |Raft  |Water ID:6
  53. 37=(Alt water pump) |-|Object  |AltWat|Pump  |Trigger ID:6|Water ID 1:6|Water ID 2:6
  54. 38=Elevator         |-|Object  |Ele-  |vator |Trigger ID:6|Moves:3|Direction:{Left,Right}1|Speed:4|+Moves (x8):3
  55. 39=Elevator Stopper |-|Area    |Stop  |Elev  |Trigger ID:6|(bool):c1
  56. 40=Platform         |-|Object  |Plat- |form  |Trigger ID:6|Moves:3|Direction:{Left,Right}1|Speed:4|+Moves (x8):3
  57. 41=Water Pump       |-|Object  |Water |Pump  |Trigger ID:6|Water ID 1:6|Water ID 2:6
  58. 42=Recharge Gate    |-|Object  |Re-   |charge|Direction:1
  59. 43=Door             |-|Object  |Door  |      |Trigger ID:6|Start low:c1|(bool):c1|Stop low:c1|Speed:3|Stomps:6
  60. 44=Stomper          |-|Object  |Stom- |per   |Trigger ID:6|Start low:c1|(bool):c1|Stop low:c1|Speed:3|Stomps:6
  61. 46=Water Pool       |-|Object  |Water |Pool  |Water ID:6|Width (tiles): 5|Height (tiles):5|Filled:c1|Mode:1
  62. 47=Belt             |-|Object  |Belt  |      |Trigger ID:6|Speed:-5|Length:4|Duration:5
  63. 48=Transporter      |-|Object  |Trans-|porter|Trigger ID:6|Height (tiles):4|(0-15):4|Speed:4
  64. 50=Dripping Water   |-|Enemy   |Drip  |Water |Delay:8
  65. 51=Small Sucker     |-|Enemy   |Small |Sucker|Hanging:c1
  66. 52=Large Sucker     |-|Enemy   |Large |Sucker|Hanging:c1
  67. 53=Freddy the Dragon|-|Object  |Fred- |dy
  68. 54=Rain             |-|Enemy   |Rain  |      |Damage:5
  69. 55=Monitor          |-|Object  |Moni- |tor   |Hanging:c1|Direction:{Left,Right}1
  70. 56=End Boss         |-|Boss    |End   |Boss
  71. 58=Umbrella         |-|Object  |Umbr  |ella  |Trigger ID:6|Moves:3|Direction:{Left,Right}1|Speed:4|+Moves (x8):3
  72. 60=Extra Life       |-|Pickup  |Extra |Life
  73. 61=Save Point       |-|Object  |Save  |Point |Trigger ID:6
  74. 62=Battery          |-|Pickup  |Bat-  |tery
  75. 63=Super Battery    |-|Pickup  |Super |Batt
  76. 65=Set Water Colour |-|Scenery |Water |Colour|Surface colour:8|Deep colour:8
  77. 66=Button of Death  |-|Boss    |Death |Button
  78. 68=(Boss shot)      |-|Boss    |Boss  |Shot
  79. 69=(Fake battery)   |-|Boss    |Fake  |Battery
  80. 70=Leaking Energy   |-|Scenery |NRG   |Leak