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23 Jul 2010 at 22:44

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EvilMike (More uploads by EvilMike)
Capture the flag
EvilCTF18.zip (698.42 kB)

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EvilCTF18.j2l Helldome 10.75 kB 22 Jul 2010
EvilCTF18b.j2l Heckdome 9.94 kB 22 Jul 2010
wbrg.j2t Where Bad Rabbits Go 49.07 kB 18 Oct 2002
warmachine.xm War Machine 891.33 kB 11 Aug 1999


I made this in 2006, but never uploaded it for some reason. This was also the last ctf level I made before completely devoting my time to SP levels. After helldome, I didn’t make another CTF level until 2010.

I never expected this level to become popular (maybe that’s why I never put it on J2O). In fact it’s probably my only “high concept” level that people actually seem to like playing. Dunno why that is.

Most of you have probably played this already. But if you haven’t, try not to fall in the lava if you have the flag. You’ll score for the other team.

Also included here is Heckdome, a version of the level very few people have seen. It was made once carrotade (and later jj2+) pits became available, and so it is a much more “normal” ctf level. If you hate fun, this version of the level is perfect for you.

Note that while Helldome can be played using vanilla JJ2, Heckdome requires JJ2+.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

RecommendedDarkSonic rated 8.4

A level that people could call a classic by now. It’s one of the best event levels (at least in CTF and DCTF) It’s always fun to freeze the spring and let someone fall with the flag (hopefully not one from your team) It also has a really good flow. I don’t think I will get tired of playing this level in an event.

RecommendedSPAZ18 rated 9.0

If you have played in a JDC event then you will surely recognise this classic. Even though it was made 4 years ago it is still very popular today. The really cool feature in the level is scoring for the other team if you fall into the lava pit with the flag. This level is always fun to play on CTF and Death CTF.


RecommendedJim_PPP01 rated 8.2

I played this lvl in single player but in multiplayer is better!!!! :-) I like this lvl.

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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.2

Review by EvilMike

5 Aug 2010, 11:13 (edited 5 Aug 10, 11:15)
Jazz Jackrabbit (217 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings101 Featured reviews16 Average helpfulness84%

Loon: can you at least read the description before writing a review?

There are no bugs in this level.

Also, don’t rate things based on how they look in JCS. Every one of my levels has copied and pasted tiles, but you don’t notice that unless you zoom way out.

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RecommendedReview by PT32

23 Jan 2012, 00:22
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

Let’s say a few words about Evilmike’s CTF level, Helldome.

First off, the eyecandy was great. EM used the Where Bad Rabbits Go tileset to construct an environment indicative of the gates of hell (or at least, how hell is most commonly depicted), and it’s pretty wicked. No pun intended.

Plenty of various types of ammo. Springs are placed so as to help the player quickly move from side to side of the level.

The “deathpit” at the bottom of the level warps you back into the level. Now, I didn’t really like that for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it takes your flag away if you’ve stolen another team’s flag, and that’s very irritating. Secondly, if you (Evilmike) are trying to convey the image of a CTF gone to hell (literally), shouldn’t there be some…I don’t know…death involved?

I also wasn’t a big fan of the music. Sure, it provided an action-oriented environment and it was kind of a little spooky, but it was also a little too ‘technological’ for me. Didn’t fit very well, in my mind.

In the end, I think an 8.2 sounds about fair. Good job with Helldome, Evilmike, and a definite DL rec.

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RecommendedReview by Loon

4 Aug 2010, 12:30 (edited 6 Aug 10, 10:17)
Bee Boy Swarm (41 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness55%

This level is really fun for 2v2, for a duel it can be might to big. That was the first thing of all.

Original, it is really good that you did the transulent black tile on layer 6. The lava pits are really well done. I’d love to see such a nice eyecandy, this was really original.

I expected more from this, more layer 4 eyecandy, and the what more eyecandy tiles what was given in the tileset. So it really looks like you did more work on it then it really was. So, that was a bad point in my oppinion. Bad it wasn’t bad at all, just something more, but not too much. I see it back in JCS that you used some tiles (I’m talking about 8×8 tiles..) and you putted them on an other place. It only make it more ‘un’finished.

Well, this level is quite big. with 2 c’s and the 2 ways to the base. There are just 2 roads, leading to the base, and that’s it. The flow is really good, you have only to run. So you can eat a cookie while running =). But some more roads, that you go up or down from road is something what I had wanted to see. The gameplay is good, but liniar too. The pits are really nice, you fall, score for the other team, and hope that your teammate is ready. But it might be annoying for duels, then there are 2 scores, so it will be fast over. And I did a duel last with someone, and if he died into the pit, he scored for his own team. So that is a bug that has to be fixed. (Or it was server lag..) Anyway, the idea is nice, but can give some sirious discussions in a duel or 2v2.

Pick-up placements:
The ammo is putted in the way you walk to the base, so you will always get ammo when you just walk. The powerups are well placed, balanced. So that is quite good.

Really good, this one fits the level a lot.

Edit: I did reading the discription. And I only said there was a sort of bug when we played. If he died, he scored for his own team. So if he died, I was losing points, but it has to be: if he dies, that I get a point. Right?

Edit 2: I did the score higher, for some reasons. I rated this level somehow stricter and that is something what I would never do. And I didn’t zoomed out in JCS, I zoomed it here out. And my eye fell immediately on the copied blocks. I only pointed you on that. But I gave an higher rating because it was too strict.

DR: Yes, it’s still a good level in these days =).

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