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TSF with JJ2+ Only: Holiday Hare '17Featured Download ShadowGPW Single player 8.8 Download file

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  1. void onFunction0(jjPLAYER@ play) {
  2.         play.showText("@@@@@After defeating the dragon, the presents were @safely returned to their rightful owners.@Christmas has been saved, thanks to your heroism!");
  3. }
  5. void onFunction1(jjPLAYER@ play) {
  6.         play.showText("#|||~@@@Thank you very much for playing Holiday Hare '17!@We hope it gave you joy over the holiday season! :)@@Level design credits:@@Hoarfrost Hollow: cooba@Jingle All The Way: Jelly Jam@Bitter Mint Mountain: Primpy@A Nightmare Before Christmas: Blackraptor@Come Home For Xmas: Slaz@Snowball Valley: PurpleJazz and Sir Ementaler@Bah, Humbirds: ShadowGpW@Icicle Grotto: PurpleJazz");
  7. }
  9. void onFunction2(jjPLAYER@ play) {
  10.         play.showText("#|||||~@@@Additional design credits:@@Intro level by cooba@Ending level by PurpleJazz (you're playing it now!)@Winter Enemies Script Library by PurpleJazz@Xmas-themed Objects by Sir Ementaler@Episode artwork by Roobar@@Dragon boss sprite by Fool:@");
  11. }
  13. void onFunction3(jjPLAYER@ play) {
  14.         play.showText("#||||||~@@@@@A big thank you to all of the tileset creators@and music composers, and to everyone who helped to@betatest these levels!");
  15. }
  17. void onFunction4(jjPLAYER@ play) {
  18.         play.showText("#|||||||~@@@@@Now go inside and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa... ;)");
  19. }
  21. void onLevelLoad() {
  22.         jjLayers[7].xOffset = 160;
  23. }