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Another JJ1 CTF Contest!

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Aug 2, 2020, 08:38 AM
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Another JJ1 CTF Contest!

Jazz has just turned 26, which means he is no longer eligible for Young Adult Coverage. Sad, huh?

Luckily, an anniversary is always an excuse to host another contest. I feel like the one I hosted last year could have had a better turnout that one level (even if it was a good level), and JDC still/always needs more event-sized CTF levels.


The Silver (+1) Jubilee Contest!
Create a large CTF level using a JJ1 conversion tileset.


Must be sent to me on Discord before August 30th, UTC-12:00.
  • That's four weeks to make a CTF level - depends on your view, it may be too long or too short. But I think this should be easier than creating levels for a specific audience, since you have more creative freedom and the gameplay is not as closely scrutinized.
  • Please avoid uploading them to J2O before this date, for reasons explained further below.

Must accomodate for at least 10 players
  • I made a strict width and height requirement last year and KRSplat submitted a level that was a small box surrounded with solid mask. I'd rather avoid that this time.
  • Symmetry is not required.

Must be using a converted JJ1 tileset
  • The level of advancement (i.e. is it a 1:1 conversion? Or is it more of a liberal interpretation?) of your chosen tileset can vary, as long as the original graphics are still recognisable.
  • JJ1 conversions created specifically for an entry for this contest are also welcome, and may be highly rewarded during judging.

Combining multiple tilesets in JJ2+ is permitted
  • This also allows non-JJ1 tilesets, but within reason.
  • Using a handful of other artwork to create an impressive parallax background is within the rules.
  • Making a Desolation level with a single 'kill this rabbit' poster is not.

Scripted gameplay modifications are permitted
  • Again, within reason. Focus on making a great CTF level first and on gimmicks later.
  • This includes any custom weapons.

Your entry will be judged by the players in the JDC 31 Closing Event
  • All entries will be anonymized before being hosted.
  • A mutator may or may not be used for the purpose of judging. Details to follow
  • My entry will not be eligible to win.

Only one entry per contestant is permitted
  • Don't spread yourself thin.

Good luck!

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