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May 11, 2002


HeeY this is the clansite of Reign øf Terror also known as [RøT].
Here you will find news, upcoming clanwars, members etc.
Mirrow is the webmaker of it and did a pretty good job with it.
So go see for ya self….!!!


(Excess decoration removal. -Trafton)


ShadowGPW on August 01, 1994 04:00 9.0

Great layout,
Good navigation,
Flashy flash intro,

Goes as the Best jj2 clanpage there is, its not better then clans in other games but this one for a jazz clan is extreme. IS t he webmaster at a “grapisch lyceum” or something?

Tik on August 01, 1994 04:00 7.5

When I first clicked on this link I was expecting to see something amazing. Did I get delivered what I expected? I have no idea, because I am on a 56k and that Flash intro was a slice of hell.

But the layout’s not too bad. It’s not exactly the style I enjoy but it shows some effort was produced into it. The Flash intro concept is okay, but it is rather pointless except to make the site seem fancier. It really didn’t tell you anything about anything usually, it just looks all nice and pretty.

The actual site design itself is okay. It is rather compressed and kind of choppy, but it’s definetly superior to most clan sites. The navigation is good and neatly organized, and there are even spiffy worthless features like a random quotes. Oh, and the mirrow girl rocks.

So all in all, a well designed site, but the Flash intro is pointless except for taking up time and making me want broadband. So, I award a 7.5.

Unhit on August 01, 1994 04:00 7.0

Well, my review :)…

Nice Intro. Very nice.
You used CSS, I guess. That is nice :). I just don’t like that you made the text bold at hover, which causes the whole site going down. What I miss is a link to few the intro again…but this is not that important ;).

—> 7.0

Well…“under construction” everywhere. I will change the rating of this point when the site has proceeded.
I like the quotes. Cool idea.

—> 6.7

I love the intro. There aren’t much other graphics, but the graphics that are on the site are nice. God job!

—> 7.4

AT ALL: 7.03333333333333333=7

Tell me when there are new contents. I will love changing my review.

mirrow on August 01, 1994 04:00 N/A

Jojo i can php i also have news scripts but i don’t have a php supporting webserver :P Can’t u help me with that ? ;)hm btw nice review

JoJo a.k.a. IP-Dope on August 01, 1994 04:00 N/A

Okay..Looks like some new clan has borned…Oh, an’ I’m the lucky one who may fight these guys as first..Ah anyway, the site!! I thought by myself now I’m creating sites etc. myself to, I could maybe also review other sites…So let’s try..:-) It’s one of my first REAL reviews, so..tell me if I’m doing to totally wrong. heh.

Good, there we go…
The colors are well-chosen. Not that they are really something original (—> too many sites uses the colors black an’ red these days..the old TTsite did also..), but it looks pretty good to me. Mirrow made some very spiffy logo using Flash an’ er…was what that other program again :-)? Maybe you could use some more pics though..It’s pretty er..empty to call it that way.

Well, let’s continue.
The site-coordination (or however you call it :) is pretty fine. Easy to browse. Mirrow put the links in a few catagories an’ each cat. includes the links which are belongs to it (—>maybe I prefer images as links personally, but as that takes some time to load, never mind ;).

Hmm..It looks like you have wroten everything just in HTML, so that means that you have to make all the updates in your own prog. and have to upload that again..Well, if I’m right, I highly recommend you to take some admin-part at your website so you can sumbit news just by logging in to your website and submit it. If you don’t know how to do this, maybe I can make something for you…if your webserver is PHP supported..Contact me if you’re interested..

My conclusion:
I think you could better put some more pics into the website. It’s a bit (too?) empty..The colors are really fine, so dun think you should change anything like that. I recommend you to use some more PHP (or Perl if you prefer..but PHP ROCKS!!!), because it’ll make your site MUCH easier to update (—> like addin news, links and that kind of stuff). But that’s to your own.

Why I didn’t rate this site: I jsut can’t rate websites. I ain’t good at that. I really don’t know how many points to give for everything..So that’s why I thought I’d better don’t rate this. I only told you what I think about the website and what you could better change in my opinion.
I hope you won’t blame on me now :-)

Good luck with your website..And I tell you again: it’s a very nice website. Well done!

-JoJo a.k.a. IpDope

007 on August 01, 1994 04:00 8.2

well this is a verry nice website good flash
good music and cool that red

i give a 8.2

~*(Darker)*~ on August 01, 1994 04:00 8.0

  • blinks *
    I blink after 2 months again and its good!

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