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March 03, 2003


This is my site which will contain loads of jj2 stuff and programs that I thought were useful. It will not always be updated


American on August 01, 1994 04:00 1.7


This site is just…no.

It has no information. Just an intro page and a main page. And a link to JJ2 info which is not a link. It is just text. This is barely a web page. It lacks any info of any sort.

wadledee on August 01, 1994 04:00 2.0

Like Trafton said, this is not really a nice site… No dowloads or something. There are some pics, that saves it from an 1.5 . Only at the INTRO page there is music, and not more. It looks like it’s not finished, because there is only 1 link, with text text text and some pics.
Also I think, it’s very strange news… You don’t have to tell those thingies shiverz… BTW, please make a link to the Links, and maybe a download or 2. Links make it a better site, so get back to your site and work! If it would be better, your rating could get higher.


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