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June 25, 2003


Here you can read up on it…


Stijn on August 01, 1994 04:00 2.0

You forgot CC, Trafton.

Anyway, the site sucks. I still have only a vague idea of what this is all about and there is only very little content. Improve it. or else.

Executor on August 01, 1994 04:00 1.7

No, we want DETAILED info on the project and some screenshots. This site is small and almost contentless. A major disappointment after Sillywabbits.com.

American on August 01, 1994 04:00 2.5

Layout: 4.2
Navigation: 4.5
Features: 1.7
Concept: 2.5
Originality: 2.2
Hosting Service: 4.2
Content: 1.5

Here is your basic template for a completely unfinished website. This was posted far too prematurely. But, anyway.

4.2. The layout of this page is simplistic and lacking in any ingenuity. A basic Tripod template it used for the navigation bar on the right and looks decent, but unfortunately it seems quite pointless, as there are only two pages. Navigation using this method could be worse, but definitely could be better. Other than that, the site is just a basic “homepage” design.

4.5. The navigation bar is clean and fairly easily used. However, there are only two sections, which makes it useless. The bar was also not user-made. The bar, however, is okay. When a section is clicked on, that section is turned into ugly, large blue text instead of just the same size and text color as the linked text.

1.7. Laughable. There are, in fact, no features beyond the plain and normal Frequently Asked Questions page, which is nothing better than poor. The whole idea, in fact, is never clearly explained and the site’s intent seems enigmatic but uninterested.

2.5. The concept of this site is a fairly regular one – to provide information about a project. Unfortunately, the concept falls apart. The site has no useful information and makes it more confusing than anything. One has to wonder if any planning – or time – was actually put into this site beyond a few minutes.

2.2. There is nothing original here. It has a basic navigation system and layout. The only thing saving it was the default and not self-coded, but still not horrible-looking, navigational system. Other than that, I have seen bricks more original than this page.

4.2. Tripod is a decent free site providing short-form URLs and moderately fast speeds in exchange for little more than a banner ad at the top of every page. Fortunately, there is no CJB.net foreward required (which ads a barrage of banner ads and spyware).

1.5. Content? What content? This site features nothing beyond a main page explaining the idea behind the project and a FAQ that seems more like a bad written intended-to-be-funny-but-is-not interview. The site also has a lot of misconceptions (“the source code will cost thousands of dollars”), seems to be overly sure of the project’s likelihood (“Do you have faith in this? / Yes. It depends on the source code”), and at points is a bit egotistic in concept (one of the characters is Cazz McJackrabbit – pfft) or overly ambitious in nature (100 new levels? Good ones?). And, for that matter, it is not much to claim that it is the biggest new Jazz 2 game since TSF. Assuming it ever happens, which is unlikely, it would be the only game since then.

This site has far too little content and the layout is nothing but the Tripod default. This site gets a score of 2.5 and definitely needs work. And a lot of it. Very quickly.

Cazz NP on August 01, 1994 04:00 N/A

What do you think I’m going to put in there? A huge forum, and a chat room? It provides basic info of the project. Simple straight forward info.

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