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November 09, 2003


This is official VS website. VS is the best polish clan and our website also is the best of all polish websites about Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It is only one minus – the website is only in polish. My english isn’t so good… sorry :)


JSZ Mateusz on August 01, 1994 04:00 7.5

Well, the site is kinda good. it looks good, but this is only Clan Site. So there is no rate for JCS course (that Verena aka Sylver wrote) and for tileset course. Anyway it looks nice and clean.

-== Ice Dragon ==- on August 01, 1994 04:00 N/A

Hey ! It’s good to see our page on j2online links site. I think that our clan is qute good in Poland (not in world of course ;)), but it has a lot of things, that can be still done with it. I won’t rate it beacuse i’m in this clan :D. We will wait, as somebody other will do that, and of course, thanks for this guy/gal :P. Hmm, and one word – don’t blaim me, if I have done some mistakes… I’m not that good in english ;)…
greetz to all !

Asmodeus on August 01, 1994 04:00 N/A

I think my website about JJ2 is beter then your Sasik :P

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