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September 10, 2004


Jazz 2 City was the most prominent Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community site before Jazz 2 Online. J2C’s untimely death in the August of 2000 hastened J2O’s arrival because the community relied so heavily upon the news, levels, and message board that was provided.

Now Brian, on of J2C’s admins, has reserved the old domain name, and pulled out the official J2C archive CDs to bring the site back online. Unfortunately not everything has been restored so far, including the JMMB, but you can still find a lot of history and some really old levels there. And this is a historic JJ2 community site, so that means it will not be updated any more.


Tman on January 03, 2005 16:50 9.7

I remeber this it was the best… I checked it everyday trying to learn more about jazz. This pulled me through my noobie years.

Ense on June 25, 2005 21:01 N/A

I remember this site. I used to go here very often, until the speed of the site went slower and slower. And now that I check it here again, it’s dead… It became a cruel zombified commercial site… May this site live with thee forever, God.
(Unsupported and somewhat nonsensical rating (1) removal. ~Violet)

Thanatos on July 27, 2005 03:19 N/A

It was a really good site, But THOSE DARN MARKETERS made it like that.
I cant stand jj2 being trampled like that.
Let me warn you, J2o Might end up like that if whoever’s running this site stops caring about us!

ratboy on December 05, 2005 17:41 N/A

site down forever

SPAZ18 on July 04, 2006 11:55 N/A

This site was great, I would always download some JJ2 levels off there. But now I can’t coz stupid GoDaddy page comes up saying coming soon. Oh well, at least I can still download levels off J2O.

What the…? Now when I go to J2C I get some site about Pre-construction.

EDIT: J2C is on a different site now: http://jazz2city.milesba.com/heavy.htm

EDIT2: It’s gone. :(

Hareking on November 08, 2006 10:59 9.5

Jazz2City is a great site to have in our memory now. It was closed down because of many problems with the hosting and the userbase. Luckely the community remains active here at Jazz2online, J2O is the main follower of Jazz2City, as it has the same goal as J2C. Just don’t count on Jazz2City being active again, it is still there at jazz2city.milesba.com for you to download the level files and view some of the old articles, Jazz2Online remains the most complete source and follower of Jazz2City. Still, because of this sites remaining greatness, I will give it a warm 9.5 for being the first great community portal for JJ2.

Cobra NF on August 16, 2009 02:27 3.2

EVERYONE this is the real link…..http://www.jazz2online.com/J2Ov2/links/view.php?act=go&linkID=323 hope it helps thnx

siep on August 06, 2010 17:54 3.0


Test on March 10, 2011 23:48 N/A

If the site is down, try this:

Jumpstart 3D Virtual World

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