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January 05, 2008


As I don’t feel like updating my homepages nowadays, the main hub for Blade information is now the blog “Strange Tales of Blade”. This is a blog about creating the new “Dungeon” tileset and additionally about my older tilesets.

Entries that are related to Dungeon will feature my development diary which goes sometimes very deep in the conception and design of creation of Dungeon. Also other mysteries are pondered :)

The entries about my older tilesets are texts about the tilesets features, things that inspired them and some little things worth of noticing, that would have gone unnoticed without my telling. Much of this could be seen as irrelevant stuff about irrelevant tileset creator, but if you are interested, there should be no problem :)

The homepage may have its update sometime in the future, but that is certainly sometime far in the future.

— Blade

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