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September 26, 2010


Welcome to all Jazz Jackrabbit players that found us here, we want to grow to the biggest community this game ever saw and you can be a part of it, be welcome to write in our forum, be free to add your levels in our download area or use your private space to show us what you made…

Some parts of this page are not finished, so don’t be worry, if you find some german words in here (the basic script was german)

(Found a small bug in Download area, when you want to upload a level,please watch under the point music in the list, later it will be sorted correctly, I’m really sorry for this)

Have fun!!!

Greetings Sfaizst


RedComputer on October 10, 2010 18:21 N/A There Is my files

RedComputer on October 24, 2010 15:00 N/A

Fixed the upload bug in the downloadare and translated some more parts into english, now it should be a bit harder to find German words here, please write in the Forum, if you find some and where you find them

I Edited: extended Search, Article Modules, Download Area and Forum

Test on March 23, 2011 21:58 6.5

Here is my review.

Graphics: A Little Bad.
Site: Good.
Downloads: Needs to be updated!

Final Rating: 6.5 – I still like this site.

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