Jazz Jackrabbit in WatchMojo's "Top 10 Video Game Idle Animations"

13 Oct 2015 at 19:47

That’s right! Jazz’s and Spaz’s idle animations made it into WatchMojo’s recently released video, “Top 10 Video Game Idle Animations“. So, uhh, yeah, that’s cool!

- Primpy

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Seren on 14 Oct 2015 at 00:20

Primpy on 14 Oct 2015 at 06:29

Sir, are you implying WatchMojo videos take effort to make? Just take a look at “Top 10 Most Hated Cartoons” and see all the hate in the comments section (also there are more dislikes than likes). The video has lots of views, there’s Jazz in it, that’s enough for me.

PT32 on 14 Oct 2015 at 22:16

Hey, I’m just happy for the Jazz publicity.

Foly on 14 Oct 2015 at 22:38

JJ2 should probably be top in the catagory most online idling to playing ratio.

Primpy on 2 Nov 2015 at 19:30

The forum is quiet. For some reason I enjoy this.

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