Multiplayer in OpenJazz

31 Mar 2009 at 21:39

The awesomely awesome Alister/Toxicbunny has released a new version of OpenJazz that has preliminary multiplayer(!!!) support.

OpenJazz is an open source remake of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 that needs the original game’s files. It supports multiple operating systems and works fine on newer Windows versions, unlike the original game.

- Frank

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PT32 on 16 Mar 2009 at 20:16

I gotta see this!

FireSworD on 17 Mar 2009 at 01:03

Woah. Very interesting.

FawFul on 17 Mar 2009 at 17:01

WHAT MULTIPLAYER.. that’s impossible D:.
if it’s true… then the rating will be. OVER 9000!!!

FawFul on 17 Mar 2009 at 19:01

sorry for the doublepost.. but how to use it? the file only contains 2 .dmg’s files which looks like it’s for mac (only) and i got windows

Ricerind on 17 Mar 2009 at 19:50

That’s the Mac version, Fawful. It’s a port I released.

You can get the original from

EvilMike on 17 Mar 2009 at 22:18

Well that was certainly unexpected. Very impressive. Never thought I’d see multiplayer in jj1.

The website notes that he had trouble getting it to work over the internet, but I think if it works over LAN then some VPN like hamachi should work, right? A lot of jj2 players use that anyway, because jj2 itself is a pain to get working online sometimes.

FawFul on 17 Mar 2009 at 22:50

yea.. it’s kind of great.. however this is just the beginning. openjazz has many bugs in jazz sprites and sounds. sometimes i go trough maskings. and the game crashes if i make use off the modplug.dll using a screamtracker. (it screws up everything sprites he jumps backwards while running etc). the game also crashes on other reasons.. not really a clue what. the springs, especially the blue makes you go up extremely fast. and enemy’s are walking in maskings (like the turtles in ceramicus lvl 1). oh and the bird shoots backwards. may forgot something :-). i guess it gets good with the MP option. however.. my question is, is this only for LAN?

FQuist on 17 Mar 2009 at 23:08

As his post says it’s for everything but currently it’s only been succesfully tested on LAN.

Slaz on 17 Mar 2009 at 23:22

OpenJazz itself still needs many adjustments to create a ‘community’ of it’s own. But I never expected online play to be added at this moment. I haven’t tried it with others yet, I may do if I can find some time in the weekend. Can’t wait for the moment that we all play Jazz1 online (with our own maps created in J1E of course).. :P

Joseph Collins on 19 Mar 2009 at 09:54

Hm. While this is great and all…I think maybe the project kind of lost its focus. Specifically, I’m pretty sure this started out as a “source port”; an open-ended version of the original Jazz Jackrabbit for modern systems and certain handheld devices. So while adding in a multiplayer feature would be great and all…I think the focus of the project should shift back into giving the community a fully-playable, bug-free version of Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit CD with full sound, music, and graphics support so a new generation of jackrabbit fans can be born while the old generation can enjoy their game with all new options and extras!

That’s just my take on it, of course.

FawFul on 19 Mar 2009 at 16:38

actually.. the multiplayer mode is great. if the game was bug free.

FawFul on 19 Mar 2009 at 16:39

actually.. the multiplayer mode is great. if the program was bug free.

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