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8 Aug 2004 at 22:54

The first custom JJ1 level ever released is finally here. Violet CLM’s Escape from Nippius starts you out in a room with several other green rabbits with big guns. There are some extremely original things in this level. I’ve never seen anything like some of this. Walls that shoot blaster shots at you, birds that fly freely for eyecandy, teleporters, and more inhabit this level. There’s even a custom end boss, more specifically a snowman with jumping capabilities.

The gameplay plays a lot like the default JJ1 levels, so there aren’t too many problems here. The eyecandy is very nice as well. There are some very clever things done with it. I especially enjoyed the translucency effect with the ice crystals.

My only complaint with this level is that I would’ve liked if it were a little bit longer. I highly recommend this level to anyone with JJ1 whose looking for a new level to play. It’s well worth the download. I want to warn you, though, this level is extremely difficult. It might even be a little bit harder than Orbitus 2, or Raneforus 2. In any case, that’s the way JJ1 levels should be. The harder the better.

Here is a screenshot of the level:

- Labratkid


Violet CLM on 9 Aug 2004 at 01:27

I should come right out and say that Escape from Nippius is not quite the first custom JJ1 level. At one point near the release of J1CS, someone displayed an edit of Diamondus 1 to show that the program was usable, and…
I love that level. It looks like a simple edit of Diamondus 1, but there’s a secret passage near the beginning leading to what is practically a whole new level. Good fun, pretty hard, and it was made without a level editor.

Still, thanks for the feature! :D

cooba on 13 Aug 2004 at 19:15

Couldn’t agree more, Lark.

Sacrush on 14 Aug 2004 at 08:49

cant play because I have jazz cd

snzspeed on 24 Nov 2010 at 17:21


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