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Recharging Blaster Weapon like in JJ3D 2.0 April 09, 2015 18:35
It's just a simple recharging blaster weapon like in Jazz Jackrabbit 3D.
Super ice 1.0 March 03, 2015 23:20
Ice bullets explode violently upon impact causing injury and knockback to players struck by the bullets. Additionally, pressing fire while frozen fails to melt you any faster.
Alternate ammo display 1.0 March 03, 2015 23:16
Instead of displaying your ammo count as a number, displays it as a horizontal line of (mostly translucent) pickup animations
Powerups as Pickups 3.0 February 05, 2015 03:57
Replaces all Powerup monitors with special +3 Ammo pickups. Your powerup status for any given ammo type (except blaster) will reflect whichever ammo pickup you last collected, specifically whether it was itself powered-up or not. Updated (v3.0) to work for ammo that comes out of crates.
Drop Ammo on Death 2.0 December 01, 2014 17:36
When you die you will drop your ammo on the ground, and you can get your ammo back.
Enemies drop ammo 2.0 September 28, 2013 16:22
Here's a simple bit of a code that enables random ammo drops from enemies, alongside the standard drops. Mostly based on cooba's Fire Shield burn code. Feel free to edit the code to your liking, if say you don't want players having access to a certain kind of ammo yet. Note that non-local players will not be able to see your ammo drops if you are playing Coop online, and that in splitscreen mode, the amount of ammo dropped by an enemy varies depending on the number of local players.
Blade gun (Electroblaster PU) 1.0 February 03, 2013 23:34
This will replace all powered-up electroblaster bullets with blades (discs), that can be controlled by the player. This works in multiplayer. Not tested in singleplayer.