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Recharging Blaster Weapon like in JJ3D 2.0 April 09, 2015 18:35
It's just a simple recharging blaster weapon like in Jazz Jackrabbit 3D.
Super ice 1.0 March 03, 2015 23:20
Ice bullets explode violently upon impact causing injury and knockback to players struck by the bullets. Additionally, pressing fire while frozen fails to melt you any faster.
Alternate ammo display 1.0 March 03, 2015 23:16
Instead of displaying your ammo count as a number, displays it as a horizontal line of (mostly translucent) pickup animations
Bubble Gun 2.0 February 24, 2015 21:39
Adding the code for the Bubble Gun as a snippet here for convenience in case anyone wants to use it in their own levels.
Powerups as Pickups 3.0 February 05, 2015 03:57
Replaces all Powerup monitors with special +3 Ammo pickups. Your powerup status for any given ammo type (except blaster) will reflect whichever ammo pickup you last collected, specifically whether it was itself powered-up or not. Updated (v3.0) to work for ammo that comes out of crates.
Boomerang gun 3.0 February 26, 2013 16:41
This is a script that changes the upgraded blaster into a boomerang gun. The behaviour of the boomerang (faster, higher, etc) can be changed by changing the constants.
Blade gun (Electroblaster PU) 1.0 February 03, 2013 23:34
This will replace all powered-up electroblaster bullets with blades (discs), that can be controlled by the player. This works in multiplayer. Not tested in singleplayer.