Assault is a custom game type played in the CTF mode by two teams, where each side must try to fulfil a certain mission goal. In Double Assault both teams have the same objectives, while in Classic Assault, one team, the defenders, must try to prevent the other team, the attackers, from completing their objective.

The level is usually a large tunnel-like one, with trigger doors to be opened and trigger crates to destroy (the most common ways include using buttstomp or TNT. One team is attacks, and it is their mission to open all doors, triggers, and overcome all obstacles, in order to get to the defending team’s base or the final target, usually a trigger crate or destruct scenery, which must be destroyed. The other team’s aim is to prevent the attacking team from reaching their target by using whatever means necessary (although brute force is often used, rather than diplomacy).

Determining the winner

There are several ways in which winners might be appointed in Classic Assault. One way to do it is employing a time limit: the defending team can only win if they keep the target they are supposed to guard intact for a given amount of time (which is set before the game starts). The attacking team can only win by destroying their target before the time limit is up. Another way is having two rounds, and switch teams the second round, and see which team was faster in reaching its objectives (this system can, however, be problematic if neither team manages to win when attacking). In Double Assault, the first team to complete its objectives wins.

Assault was a gametype invented by Syntax, based on the Assault gametype of Unreal Tournament. He also made the first publicly released assault level: Assault3. It was intended to be part of a 3-level pack by several people, hence the name, but Syntax’s level was the only one to be uploaded on J2O or any other site.

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