Black Wolves

Black Wolves was the first clan ever for JJ2. The clan was assembled by MErlin and Dethman. The clan had only five members. Most have disappeared, leaving only SteelTalon as (semi-)active member.

Assembled by MErlin and Dethman, the clan has the following roster:

The Black Wolves were so elitist that only these five ever made the clan. They were known for never taking one loss in their entire history. Sadly though, they rarely fought and the clan died relatively quickly because nobody was ever considered good enough by them to replace those who had left. SteelTalon still lurks around but is not seen often and is (he says) only a shadow of his former glory.

He has a bit of funny history of how he joined BW. Originally he was the first person recruited by MErlin to start the clan, but he declined MErlin‘s offer, preferring to go it solo. However, later he changed his mind and decided to challenge PaG to the fifth and final spot (who was slated to be that fifth member). After excessive debate, the four members of the clan decided on SteelTalon. SteelTalon would go on to be the most active of the five and led the clan after MErlin disappeared.

Random facts

  • The BW tag on the end of members’ names was not necessary. In fact, only WiZard and SteelTalon were the only ones to “wear the badge of honour”.
  • The JJ2 player ChippieBW is in no way affiliated with the Black Wolves. In fact, the Black Wolves basically disbanded before Chippie even started playing.