CTF Base + Flag

This JCS event is the flag base used in Capture the Flag levels. It shows Devan’s time machine, with Eva’s 24-carrot diamond fitted on the top, as a power source, and Eva waiting outside, impatiently tapping her foot. The flag is at the time machine’s door while the colour of Eva’s dress, the flag, and the machine, depends on which team the base belongs to.

When a player touches the base while its flag is located there, he or she either captures the flag or scores a point, depending on the situation: a team can only score if their own flag is at their base and not captured by their enemy; a team can only capture their opponents’ flag if, obviously, it isn’t already captured.

CTF levels require at least one base for each of the two teams (see team property of event). More than two bases can be put in a level but this does not work properly and is only occasionally used as a trick in levels with Custom Game Types. Having less than one base in the level makes it useless as a CTF level but CTF in JJ2 has unique properties, which can be used to great effect in Custom Game Types.

JCS details

Parameter Default
Direction the animation faces. 0 = front of base faces right, 1 = left.
Which team’s base. 0 = blue, 1 = red.