CTF Codes

CTF Codes are short codes that are frequently used in team games to interact between players in a team. The use of codes boosts efficiency by allowing players to brief eachother on their situation and to give others orders, without having to type large sentences in chat. CTF codes are usually sent through team chat.

This page attempts to list the most popular CTF Codes. Some might be unlisted, either because they were forgotten or because they are used only by certain people. For a more complete manual you can check out Chiyu’s CTFv3 at the bottom of page.

CTF Codes

  • 1, 2, 3: These numbers are used to indicate someone’s health. 1 means the player has 1 heart, et cetera. This is mostly used by a team’s flag carrier, because in a 3vs3 there can otherwise be confusion about who has the flag. A special case here includes “fake3”, which is said by players who think they’ve been hit but didn’t actually lose health (due to bugs/lag), meaning that a three heart kill may be imminent – see Fake Health.
  • h: Stands for “health?”. Used for asking your teammate(s) how much hearts they have.
  • e1, e2, e3, elow, efake3: Stands for “enemy 1, 2, 3”. Indicates the enemy flag carrier’s health. Elow is used when you don’t know wether the enemy has 1 or 2 hearts, but you do know that he/she has less than 3 hearts. Efake3 is most of the time an unseable code, since it is not that easy to know when your enemy has received fake health, however in levels where there are TNT, players hit by TNT always get fake health. If the enemy flagcarrier doesn’t notice he was hit by TNT his teammates won’t try to get ready, meaning the other team can get a very easy score.
  • r1, r2, r3: Stands for “ready 1, 2, 3”. Indicates that the player is ready to capture the enemy flag in case his/her team’s flag carrier dies. The number refers to, you guessed it, your health.
  • dd: Stands for “don’t die”. Speaks for itself really. Usually said to a flag carrier with low health when his/her teammates aren’t ready to recapture the flag.
  • na, la, ha, fa : Stands for “no ammo”, “low ammo”, “half-full ammo”, “full ammo”. Say this to give your teammates an idea of how likely you are to die. Players that have almost no ammo besides the standard blaster are likely to lose battles with players who have power-ups and more advanced weapons.
  • fa: Stands for “full ammo”. Players who say this have gathered all or nearly all useful ammo in the level, giving their teammates a secure feeling when they’re “R” or “RTS”.
  • a: Stands for “attack”. Used when a player wants his teammates to rush towards the enemy base.
  • d: Stands for “defend”. Most of the time, it’s only used at the start of a game to determine who will stay behind to defend the base against the first attack. Some teams use it to tell teammates to get ready to score. This command is best used with teammates name (or preferably abbrevition) added, for example: “gry d” or “d gry”. It would in this case be a good idea of gry to say “ok” to confim that he will defend the base. If the player defending isn’t the flagcarrier this is probably because the level is hard to stay ready to score in, or because one player of the team is weaker than the others (making him/her most useful as a defender), so the flagcarrier prefers trying to kill by himself and then score afterwards instead.
  • d1, d2, d3: Player says this to inform his/her teammates that player is defending his own base with a certain amount of health. Flagcarriers should use the RTS-code when defending.
  • rts 1, 2, 3: Stands for “ready to score”. Used by flag carriers who have just secured their own base and are ready to boost their teams score as soon as the enemy flag carrier dies. s can be used instead which is quicker to type. (s1, s2, s3)
  • die: Said to a flag carrier when a player wants to pass on the flag to a teammate with more health.
  • kill: Explains itself. Typically, it’s the enemy flag carrier the person exclaiming this wants killed.
  • c, car Used when player sees that the carrot in the level has respawned, most of the time with intent of letting yout flagcarrying teammate have it, but it could also be of value for the player(s) hunting the enemy flagcarrier. The team’s flagcarrier can use the code G, to make taking the carrot less risky. Those who are not the flagcarrier, don’t go take it when you’re supposed to be “R” at the enemy-base. It’s always useful for your teammates to know if there’s a carrot (that restores your hearts) or not. Also, if there is more than one carrot in the level, you might wanna say the position as well. (CarrotLeft (CL) and CarrotRight (CR)). By using TNT or RFs, mainly, one can move the carrots in the levels around a bit. Add [x] to the CL/CR/C commands to specify where a carrot has been moved. [x] can be: L – Carrot has been moved down and left, R – Carrot has been moved down and right. D – Carrot has been moved, simply, down. It is possible the move carrot upwards in some levels (for example Bloodbunny’s Lair) but it’s not very frequently done, if you however would like to use that possibility the code is CLU (Carrot Left has been moved Up).
  • CD: It means :carrot down: like whenever the carrot is above a tube or something(like on Jungles Edge or Galactic Warfare) one teammate will signal the other teammate who is 1 of health that the carrot is down at the bottom of the tube or whatever.
  • 3hk: Used by players to complain about being killed while they had three hearts. Does not make any actual contribution to gameplay.
  • cb: Flagcarrier says this to make one of his teammates go to his own base and clear it from enemies so he can safely get ready to score. The player that wants to clear the base says “me”, so not all teammates try to do it at once. Once upon a time the LR-clan used “clr” for this.
  • g (guard carrot), g1, g2, g3 (guarding carrot with a certain amount of health): This a code of lesser importantance. Flag carrier says g when he/she really wants the carrot and wants a teammate to guard it before he/she arrives. When your teammate says g; simply stay near the carrot without taking it yourself making sure enemies don’t get it. This works best in ‘camp spots’ like the box in Diamondus Warzone (capture3). To inform teammates (flacrarrier especially) that player is guarding the carrot he/she use the codes g1, g2 or g3 telling how much health you guard it with. It could be useful to add how much ammo had so teammates know how long player can hold carrot (for example; g2ha – Guarding carrot with 2 hearts and half-full ammo).

Other Team Codes

These codes here are sometimes, but not always, used in custom team related gametypes. They are not necessary to learn, but can be useful given the right circumstances.

  • free: Used by captives in jailbreak as an distress signal to warn team mates that they have been jailed.
  • j: Used to state the number of people in jail, for example if 3 members were jailed, a player would say 3j.
  • crate: Is said when a member of the attacking team has broken a crate in Assault.
  • safe: Used by leaders in Assassination to state when they have reached a safe spot and are in no threat at the current moment. Can also be said in CTF too.
  • a: Other members can use this code in Domination to tell players on their team to attack a specific control point that is held by the enemy team. It is followed by a number refering to a certain control point (a1 for example).
  • d Same as a, except is said to defend a specific control point that is already held by your team.
  • 10: Used exclusively in BlurredD’s Assault level Fortress of Fate, a player says this to state that they have 10 coins and are ready to complete the final objective.
  • pass: If flag passing is enabled with JJ2+, pass can be used to indicate to the flag carrier that they are able to recieive a flag pass. Can also be used by the flag carrier to say they would like to pass on the flag.

General codes

The following codes are common to most online games, but are included here as they may be confusing for new players. These codes are usually not team-specific, and tend to be sent through public chat.

  • gg, gm: Good Game/Match. Generally said at the end of a game.
  • lol: Laugh Out Loud. Often said in response to something the speaker finds funny.
  • lag: Usually said as a complaint about lag, or as an reason for being killed. Lag is generally regarded as a combination of the delay in communication between the player and the server, and the packet loss in the communication. A high lag will result in effects such as players jerking across the screen, appearing to move through walls, or delayed responses to actions.
  • hax: A expression normally said when one player is victim to unbelieveable luck from another player. Can also be used when reporting cheaters, e.g “Superbunny12345 is using hax!”
  • grats: Congratulations. Usually said to congratulate the winner.
  • thx, ty: Thanks/thank you.

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